GAPTGreat Arizona Puppet Theater (Phoenix, AZ)
GAPTGlobal Advanced Packaging Technology (Shanghai, China)
GAPTGrandview Avenue Physical Therapy (Columbus, OH)
GAPTGreen Auto Power Train (Ontario Ministry of Research; Canada)
GAPTGeorgia Association for Pupil Transportation (Clayton County, GA)
GAPTGeorgia Association for Play Therapy
GAPTGeneralized Atomic Polar Tensor
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Based on the network and modular analysis, seven (ADORA3, TLR7, IRF4, CCR4, RTN1, GAPT, and GRAP2) and ten (GNAO1, ISM1, CILP, SLIT2, SCRG1, TNFAIP8L3, hsa-mir-183, sa-mir-942, MIR345 and HCG18) candidate factors with top significance of COX univariate regression were identified in the yellow and turquoise module, respectively.
Therefore, the remaining seven identified factors including three genes in yellow module (RTN1, GAPT, GRAP2) and five factors in turquoise module (CILP, SCRG1, TNFAIP8L3, MIR345 and HCG18) could be new factors related to survival of GC.
Como se ha explicado mas arriba, creemos que hubo una evolucion en el proceso ideologico de cada relato de la etnogenesis, y se puede observar una primera etapa en la que es posible considerar que si estos pueblos, tal vez, provinieran de la misma region, podrian haber compartido los antiguos himnos a los que Tacito hace referencia: y a los que Jordanes tambien alude: << Horum ergo, ut ipsi suis fabulis ferunt, primus fuit Gapt ...
Rick Pontillo, general manager GApT, said that glazing offered one of the greatest growth opportunities for plastics in the automotive industry.
GE Plastics' GApT organization is a key part of the company's carefully crafted business strategy to strengthen its position as a leading global provider of hands-on technical, design, and testing services to support customer growth.
To further support each critical phase of the customer innovation process, GApT offers a broad range of additional services.
So, while others may accept what the industry pundits say, the company is aggressively beefing up the capabilities of its Global Application Technology (GApT) organization to deliver next-generation materials solutions to customers around the world.
Many IC package contract assembly houses are already located in China, Merchant companies include Amkor, ChipPAC, Carsem and Global Advanced Packaging Technology (GAPT).
Intel's facility assembles the Pentium 4 and merchant houses such as GAPT offer wire bond plastic BGA assembly services.
Global Advanced Packaging Technology (GAPT) offers package design, assembly and final test services and is focused on advanced packages such as BGAs, CSPs and high-end lead frame packages.