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GARMGroundfish Assessment Review Meeting (US NOAA)
GARMGeographic Areas Reference Manual
GARMGroup of Archivists of the Region of Montréal (est. 1982)
GARMGlobal Access to Recycling Markets
GARMGeneral AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) Reference Model (computer applications)
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That decided me to call him "Garin of the Bloody Breast," who was a great person in his time, or "Garm" for short; so, leaning forward, I told him what his temporary name would be.
When I went to the back verandah Vixen had been washed snowy-white, and was very proud of herself, but the dog-boy would not touch Garm on any account unless I stood by.
"Garm," I said, "another time you will be washed with Vixen."
Vixen knowing the routine of it, went to sleep under my table; but the confinement ate into Garm's soul.
Sometimes a company of soldiers would move along on their way to the Fort, and Garm rolled forth to inspect them; or an officer in uniform entered into the office, and it was pitiful to see poor Garm's welcome to the cloth--not the man.
I pretended not to notice, but Garm knew and Vixen knew.
One afternoon I sent Vixen home alone in the dog-cart (Garm had gone before), and rode over to cantonments to find another friend of mine, who was an Irish soldier and a great friend of the dog's master.
Garm slept ill that night and whimpered in his dreams.
So he went over to my house in his dog-cart with the retriever; and on the way I told him the story of Garm.
There was a place close to the wall all grown about with tamarisk trees, where I knew Garm kept his bones.
I could hear him holding Garm's nose as the dog threw it up to the stars.
The last train to camp left at half-past ten, and Stanley, stayed till ten talking to Garm. I argued and entreated, and even threatened to shoot the bull-terrier, bat the little man was as firm as a rock, though I gave him a good dinner and talked to him most severely.