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(9,12) However, those studies did not correct for body temperature in the blood gas analysis and did not provide any reference intervals for arterial blood gas values in falcons.
Standard blood gas analysis is also not capable of detecting and measuring methaemoglobin (4).
The court concluded that, as the plaintiff's expert medical witness testified at trial, the arterial blood gas analysis, as well as the pH level of the infant's blood, should have been performed more frequently in order to determine the infant's condition.
According to the company, the lightweight GreenLine 4000 provides the latest technology in flue gas analysis, including sensors that detect [O.sub.2], CO, NO, N[O.sub.2], S[O.sub.2], CxHy, and C[O.sub.2].
By using Gamma Technologies' (Westmont, IL) GT-Power one-dimensional engine simulation and gas analysis software, it's possible for Tenneco engineers to model the desired exhaust sound based on available parameters, and provide a number of options for the OEM to choose from.
The facilities at Sunderland University's Darwin Building includes a physiology lab, online gas analysis, heat humidity area, biomechanics centre and eight camera hi-speed analysis provision.
Arterial blood gas analysis showed mild hypoxemia and hypocapnia (Pa[O.sub.2] 73 mm Hg and PaC[O.sub.2] 34 mm Hg on room air).
The MGA 3000 advanced Infrared (IR) Multi-Gas Analyzer is designed to meet the needs of organizations requiring cost-effective and reliable single or multiple gas analysis solutions.
For complete automation of transformer fault gas analysis, PerkinElmer introduced the integration of the PerkinElmer-Arnel TOGA (Transformer Oil and Gas Analyzer) GC with the TurboMatrix Headspace Sampler.
Coverage includes technical issues in blood gas analysis, basic physiology, clinical oxygenation, clinical acid base, and non-invasive techniques.
A combination of on-line gas analysis, off-line spot test analysis, electronic flow control of the gas supply and optional electronic controlled gas mixing maintains uniformity in gas packaging, reduces operator-dependent fault possibilities and reduces gas cost by avoiding wasteful overflushing.
Applications include analytical laboratories, e.g., head space analysis; trace gas analysis; environmental analysis, e.g., ambient air monitoring; coupling with Curie-point-pyrolysis for direct measurement of nonvolatile compounds; residual gas analysis; and biotechnology/biochemistry, e.g., control of fermentation processes.