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GDLGraduated Driver (s) License
GDLGlendale (Amtrak station code; Glendale, CA)
GDLGraduated Driver Licensing
GDLGas Diffusion Layer
GDLGraduate Diploma in Law (UK)
GDLGraus de Liberdade (Portuguese: Degree of Freedom; statistics)
GDLGoyim Defense League
GDLGnu Data Language
GDLGeneric Description Language
GDLGnome Development Library
GDLGoogle Desktop for Linux
GDLGraph Description Language
GDLGruppo di Lavoro (Italian)
GDLGauntlet Dark Legacy (video game)
GDLGesellschaft Deutscher Lebensmitteltechnologen (German: Society of German Food Technologists)
GDLGeometric Description Language (File format for ArchiCad from Graphisoft)
GDLGeometric Description Language
GDLGeorgia Department of Labor
GDLGouvernement du Luxembourg (French: Government of Luxembourg)
GDLGrand Duchy of Lithuania
GDLglucono delta-lactone (food additive)
GDLGewerkschaft Deutscher Lokführer (German engine drivers labor union)
GDLGNU Data Language (computer language)
GDLGame Design London (event; London, UK)
GDLGareth David Lloyd (actor; UK)
GDLGradi di Libertà (Italian: Degrees of Freedom; mathematics)
GDLGesellschaft Deutschsprachiger Lymphologen
GDLGas Dynamic Laser
GDLGrand Duchy Of Luxembourg
GDLGenesee District Library (Michigan)
GDLGroup Digital Library
GDLGarage Door Lubricant
GDLGlobal Development Links (London, UK)
GDLGeneralized Distributive Law
GDLGas Discharge Lamp (auto)
GDLGlow Discharge Lamp
GDLGreenstone Digital Library
GDLGeneral-Purpose Declarative Language (web development environment)
GDLGoal-Driven Learning
GDLGlobal Data Link (WorldCom)
GDLGroupe des Laboratoires (French: Group of Laboratories)
GDLGlobal Distribution List (Microsoft Outlook)
GDLGrendonstar Ltd (UK)
GDLGuadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico - Miguel Hidalgo International (Airport Code)
GDLGrounded Di-Electric Layer
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Dotelli, "Investigation of hydrophobic treatments with perfluoropolyether derivatives of gas diffusion layers by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in PEM-FC," Solid State Ionics, vol.
Nafion 117 membranes is sandwiched between the gas diffusion layers (GDL) and hot pressed to prepare the membrane electrode assembles (MEAs).
Finally, the limited gas transport in the gas diffusion layer is considered by the concentration loss term [[eta].sub.lim] [11].
The governing equations in the flow channel, gas diffusion layer, catalyst layer, and membrane are as follows:
Since it is directly attached to the gas diffusion layer, the seal makes it easier to assemble fuel cell stacks.
The model presented in this paper is a typical three-zone that consists of cathode-side gas flow channel, cathode-side gas diffusion layer and cathode-side catalyst layer.
The company said it will use the funds to develop a "next-generation fuel cell gas diffusion layer to be combined with its membrane technology for portable fuel cell applications."
In addition, the gases must not escape into the environment, and the hydrogen must not come into direct contact with the oxygen, making it essential to securely seal the gas diffusion layer. Seals also compensate for dimensional variations that may result from the expansion of adjacent components due to heat or other factors.
Some research studies reported a series of advantages regarding the effect of ratio w/a >1 on the PEMFC performance, like an enhanced mechanical support for membrane and Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL), higher water content in the membrane, improved ion conductivity of the membrane, improved heat transfer from membrane to GDL, uniform distribution of the current density and temperature across the membrane and improved performance at high current densities [17, 18].
Freudenberg's gas diffusion layers for e-cars are indispensable components for new mobility vehicles, he adds.
A third focuses on developing and optimizing electrodes for the archetypal kind of fuel cell--the PEM FC (proton exchange membrane fuel cell) and gas diffusion layers (GDLs), which help regulate their operation.
According to Ener1, project partners will collaborate in a number of areas, including the characterization, demonstration and evaluation of a novel membrane technology, fuel cell power generator demonstrations in India and Florida using locally produced biomass-derived fuels, and the development of gas diffusion layers for low-temperature PEM fuel cells.