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GVFGreta Van Fleet (band)
GVFGood Very Fine (coin grades)
GVFGlobal VSAT Forum
GVFGradient Vector Flow (image processing)
GVFGas Volume Fraction (multiphase flows)
GVFGoldmann Visual Field (ophthalmological test)
GVFGuyana Volleyball Federation
GVFGamma Vacuum Foil
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From Figure 5, we analyze the extraction effect of 2#, 4#, and 6# drainage holes: when the hole diameter is 113 mm, extraction pressure is 26kPa, gas injection pressure is 0.6 MPa, injected gas is compressed air (mainly nitrogen), and mining hole gas volume fraction in the horizontal direction firstly rises smoke adjacent, reaches a maximum value, decreases slightly, and finally tends to a steady value.
If the bubble numbers are in unit volume, the gas volume fraction with respect to bubble radius can be expressed as follows:
It is possible to note that, in particular for low and high flow rates, the differential pressure measured varies with the increasing in gas volume fraction.
This enhancement has enabled corporations such as PDO to have an integrated well testing facility for low Gas Volume Fraction (GVF) wells.
Tables 1 and 2 show the product gas volume fraction of different concentration of glucose solution gasification in SCW by Method 1 and Method 2 [6].
In this numerical study, the gas volume fraction and water content are fixed to 50% and 80%, respectively, while flow rate is changed as Table 1 shows to demonstrate the impact of flow rate.
Offering a simpler, cheaper and more accurate solution, the new flowmeter addresses the essential need for enhanced flow measurements to further optimise well and reservoir management.The flowmeter operates across the entire gas volume fraction range, avoiding frequent recalibration.
However, the models have limitations on application to a dilute bubble suspension and clear maximum packing fraction does not exist since bubbles are deformable and the relative viscosity varies continuously with respect to the gas volume fraction when [empty set] is smaller than 0.4.
The lower portion of the foam contains spherical bubbles with relatively low gas volume fraction. They are classically referred to as kugelschaum.
The measuring section arranged the middle and lower three rows of measuring points at equal intervals for each measurement of the cross-sectional gravity direction, five measuring points (numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) are arranged at equal intervals from the coal wall to the boundary of the goaf area for each measurement point, belt conveyor roadways, air-return roadways, and dedicated gas drainage roadways setup layout station, and the air volume and gas volume fraction were measured for each measurement point.
The initial gas volume fraction is 0.2 and all the initial phasic pressures are set to 0.1 MPa.
The aim of this trial was to qualify the MPM metering technology for their high and ultra-high Gas Volume Fraction (GVF) applications.