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As for the steam injection phase we find also for the helium injection a strong correlation between the gas density close to the pipe inlets in Vessel 4 (measurement location GS2_25) and the pipe exits; i.e., the helium content at this location predicts (with a small delay) the helium content at the pipe outlet.
Caption: Figure 16: The effect of gas density on apparent permeability of shale (pore diameter = 2nm).
([J.sub.2000]) -43[degrees] 01' 08.8" Number of antenna 15 System velocity 542 [+ or -] 7 km [s.sup.-1] Rest frequency 230 GHz Restoring beam (Major, minor, P.A.) (2.9", 0.84", 82.65[degrees]) Total bandwidth 1.88 GHz Total channels 256 Velocity resolution 20 km [s.sup.-1] Integrated flux density 6328.09 Jy km [s.sup.-1] Redshift (z) 0.00183 Table 2: CO intensity, molecular gas density and mass, star formation rate, and star formation rate surface density.
The researchers said current models also fail to account for changes in a protoplanetary disk's gas density based upon its height.
Schlieren photography technique was used to visualize the flame front, at which change in the gas density is the maximum.
Soil samples will be taken to measure gas density and metallic residues.
Specialists will also analyze a sample of soil taken at the depth of 15 metres to measure the gas density and metallic residues.
The current state of the art, involving experiments that take several months, results in a gas density of just 500 to 1,000 atoms per cubic centimeter.
The proximity of the Free Trade Zone to southern Iraq's oil and gas density is considered a key factor of its development.
The search is full in swing after gas density in the pit has declined, and rescuers are expected to reach the trapped miners this afternoon, said Yin Zhihua, vice mayor of Liupanshui, in a brief.
Colors indicate old stars (red), young stars (white and bright blue) and the distribution of gas density (pale blue); the view is 300,000 light-years across.