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GN2Gaseous Nitrogen
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There was only trace accumulation of nitrite, and about 56.82 mg/L of TN was converted to gaseous nitrogen during the nitrification and denitrification process of strain Y-9.
The results of the current study show that high manganese and aluminum austenitic steels can be nitrided in a gaseous nitrogen atmosphere to produce a hard and wear-resistant layer of AIN at depths of up to 550 pm.
In plastics machining, especially for medical applications where traditional coolants may be undesirable or unacceptable, the equipment can deliver a predetermined low-temperature gaseous nitrogen stream to minimize or eliminate burrs on the workpiece.
The following major fire extinguishing mechanisms act simultaneously: (i) surface coolingbecause of the very low temperature of the cryogen and the latent and sensible heats; (ii) inerting of the atmosphere, around the fire source, and starving the fire from oxygen; (iii) rapid expansion followed by gravity spread that results in blanketing of the surface with a cloud of gaseous nitrogen, condensed water vapor, and fuel vapors.
Once the piston reaches the bottom of the stroke, the heat-transfer liquid and the gaseous nitrogen leave the cylinder, the gas is exhausted into the atmosphere, and the heat-exchange fluid is recycled and pumped through a heat exchanger for reuse.
The new ASU, with a daily production capacity of 750 tonnes of oxygen and 900 tonnes of nitrogen, will now supply oxygen to Oryx GTL (gas to liquid) and will also be the base for gaseous nitrogen supply to Gasal's nitrogen pipeline network, initiated to serve the existing and future operating companies in Ras Laffan
The use of nitrogen-rich manure fertilizers may have an impact on the release of gaseous nitrogen and carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
A final section contains reports from the themed working groups of the workshop, debating such questions as the possibilities of integrating fertilizer and manure use, possibilities for controlling gaseous nitrogen emissions, the relative necessity of system studies, and possible improvements to the reliability and applicability of model answers.
Among the products supplied are bulk and gaseous nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, argon and helium.
Originally, the Prism HPN System was designed specifically for customers seeking gaseous nitrogen at a flow rate of up to 3500 Nm3/hr.
SPO600-03-R-0336, issued by the Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Energy Support Center (DESC), for repair of the cathodic protection system for the gaseous nitrogen pipeline at Vandenberg Air Force Base (AFB), California.
Traditional cooling methods, such as gaseous nitrogen, could easily take three days.