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10 that it detected radiation at 27 times the normal level in gaseous waste at the reactor and was closely monitoring the situation.
The process is compatible with impurities typically found in gaseous waste streams at petroleum refineries, but we need to do more work to see if it is compatible with the higher impurity levels often found in natural gas waste streams," said Harkness.
While metabolizing, or turning the nutrients into energy, the bacteria give off gaseous waste that make you go "toot.
This will then enable us to offer sound advice to our MEPs and other stakeholders on how algae can be integrated into the European bioeconomy, both in terms of their bioenergy potential and their role in reusing liquid and gaseous wastes including reducing CO2 emissions.
Because it covers gaseous wastes, the development is exempt from much waste management legislation, but it is still waste management rather than any productive or monitoring process," he said.
Other initiatives that will be showcased at the exhibition include PDO's collection, storage and treatment facilities to manage solid, liquid and gaseous wastes produced during operations as well as initiatives for improving environmental performance and ensuring compliance with government regulations and its environmental management systems.
The plant will be designed to process approximately 60,000 metric tons per year of a combination of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes.
JAPAN -- In December 1997, then-Vice President Al Gore flew to the historic global warming summit in Kyoto and railed against heedless humans who were "carelessly filling [Earth's atmosphere] with gaseous wastes.
These metrics and methods will clearly verify that existing and emerging technologies used by the industry in the process of manufacturing its products are positively impacting the quality of jobs, the emission of greenhouse gases, and the production of "green" energy while continuing the industry's record of continuously reducing the discharge of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes.