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GMBFGastric Mucosal Blood Flow (gastroenterology)
GMBFGastrocnemius Muscle Blood Flow
GMBFGastric Membrane Blood Flow
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Prostaglandins, an important factor in gastric mucosal protection, could stimulate gastric mucus secretion, regulate pepsin activity and enhance gastric mucosal blood flow (Asada et al.
Protease-activated receptor 2 (PAR-2), abundantly expressed in stomach, is a protective factor in gastric mucosa by triggering the secretion of gastric mucus, increasing the gastric mucosal blood flow, and suppressing the secretion of gastric acid (Kawabata 2002).
The technique of reflectance spectrophotometry for assessment of gastric mucosal blood flow was first described by Sato et al in 1979 (44).
Real-time visualization and quantitation of canine gastric mucosal blood flow by contrast-enhanced ultrasonography.
Since gastric mucosal blood flow is necessary to dispose of back-diffused hydrogen, supply bicarbonate, and provide oxygen and nutrients, ischemia is the primary factor leading to stress ulcers.
Significant inhibitory effect shown by BA points to a possible mechanism related to the increase in the gastric mucosal blood flow and inhibition of gastric acid secretion (Desai et al.
The repair of macroscopic gastric mucosal lesions, with its associated changes in gastric mucosal blood flow, prostaglandin and growth-factor formation and mucus-layer and gastric-acid secretion has been studied (Murai et al.
A severe decrease in gastric mucosal blood flow has been reported after treatment with indomethacin, a typical NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), with a further decrease occurring when HCl was administered topically to the gastric mucosal (Murai et al.