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GRPGroup (file name extension)
GRPGlass Reinforced Plastic
GRPGlobal Retail Partners (Los Angeles, CA)
GRPGenetic Resources Program (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center)
GRPGrant Review Panel (National Health and Medical Research Committee; Australia)
GRPGlobal Research Partnership
GRPGastrin-Releasing Peptide (biology)
GRPGross Rating Point (advertising)
GRPGlobal Remuneration Professional (WorldatWork certification program)
GRPGender Recognition Panel (UK)
GRPGross Rating Point (marketing, television audience)
GRPGovernment Railway Police (India)
GRPGeneral Reporting Protocol
GRPGigabit Router Processor
GRPGateway Response Protocol
GRPGroup File
GRPGross Regional Product
GRPGeneral Reporting Protocol (Climate Registry)
GRPGang Reduction Program (various locations)
GRPGrassland Reserve Program (USDA)
GRPGamma Ray Projector
GRPGraduate Research Program (various organizations)
GRPGlucose-Regulated Protein
GRPGreen Roof Professional
GRPGreen River Preserve (North Carolina)
GRPGrand Rapids Press (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
GRPGinaf Rally Power (Dutch racing team)
GRPGlobal Research Project (various organizations)
GRPGeneration Research Program (Germany)
GRPGateway Routing Protocol
GRPGuidance Replacement Program (Minuteman III)
GRPGentoo Reference Platform
GRPGreen-Rainbow Party (Massachusetts)
GRPGigabit Route Processor
GRPGewex Radiation Panel
GRPGutsy Release Party (Ubuntu)
GRPGlobal Response Pistol (Nighthawk Custom Pistol)
GRPGlobal Resources Program (Association of American Universities and Association of Research Libraries)
GRPGroup Requirements Planning
GRPGood Review Practice (US FDA)
GRPGuild Realm Points (gaming)
GRPGround Rock Phosphate
GRPGross Rent Potential
GRPGround Reference Point
GRPGeophysical Research Program
GRPGlobal Relationship Partner (Qwest)
GRPGuatemala Racing Products
GRPGrant Reporting Portal (US FEMA)
GRPOzark Air Lines, Great Plains Airlines (ICAO code)
GRPGrid Reference Point
GRPGroited Rubble Paving (construction)
GRPGlobal Reference Price
GRPGroundwater Resource Protection
GRPGreatest Response Probability
GRPGuidance Reference Point
GRPGuaranteed Royalty Payment
GRPGuaranteed Renewable Policy(holder) (insurance)
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Independently, we demonstrated that the gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) system in the lumbosacral segments controls spinal centers promoting penile erection and ejaculation during copulatory behavior in male rats.
2010) High-voltage electron microscopy reveals direct synaptic inputs from a spinal gastrin-releasing peptide system to neurons of the spinal nucleus of bulbocavernosus.
Gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP), a bombesin-like peptide growth factor, is expressed by pulmonary neuroendocrine cells and has been shown to stimulate lung development in utero and to increase growth maturation of human fetal lung organ cultures.
Gastrin-releasing peptide receptor antibody-stained nonneoplastic pancreatic tissue was used as positive control.
In earlier studies, Chen identified gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP), a substance that carries itch signals to a gene called GRPR (gastrin-releasing peptide receptor) in the spinal cord.
Two other peptides, a somatostatin receptor-binding peptide and a gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP), linked to NODA-MPAA were also radiofluorinated in high yield.
The human gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP) gene encodes a 148-amino acid prepropeptide (-23-125).
Known as gastrin-releasing peptide receptor, or GRPR, the gene is not typically active in the lungs of nonsmokers, Shriver says.
Postnatal development of the gastrin-releasing peptide system in the lumbosacral spinal cord controlling male reproductive function in rats .
Included among these growth factors, which are also produced by cancer cells, are insulin-like growth factors and gastrin-releasing peptide.