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GATAGold Anti-Trust Action Committee (International Financial Advocacy Organization)
GATAGet after Their Ass
GATAGeorgia Academic Team Association
GATAGroundstaff Aviation Technics and Administration
GATAGreek American Translators Association
GATAGülhane Askerý Tip Akademýsý
GATAGirls Aiming Toward Achievement (social club)
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A group of CHP deputies, led by ysa GE[micro]k, told the press on Saturday that they had wanted to visit at GATA the relatives of soldiers who had been killed in the Afyonkarahisar explosion, but they called by the General Staff and told they would not be allowed inside the GATA building for the visit.
Sources claim that these officers -- who are bound by law to show up at court sessions -- stroll the halls of ystanbul GATA all day but do not go to the courthouse.
The position of GATA administrator has long been filled by senior military officers who are not doctors.
Protesters who did notAamanaged to lay wreath to GATA,then,Aagathered near the GATA and burned the wreath and effigies which symbolize September 12 Coup.
We settled for Lechon Kawali and Laing with Adobo Flakes, the latter another tasty item with gata. But what I was really eyeing was the Boneless Crispy Pata Binagoongan.
Manas International Aiport signed a memorandum of cooperation with Turkish company Gata Havayollar?
Tanjas gata: Rysk vardag 1917-2017 (Tanya's street: Everyday life in Russia, 1917-2017) is the fourth volume in a quartet of books about contemporary Russia and its roots in the Soviet Union.
Hundreds of Nepali expatriates recently enjoyed watching Shatru Gata, a Nepali movie screened at Global Cinema Hall.
All the artists that performed among them Charma Gal, Ditiro, Matsieng, Ramonyaku, Moreri Moroka and Nkokowe Band and Gata La Tau Traditional Dance Troupe all impressed and were the toast of the night.
There are six GATA proteins (GATA 1–6) that share a zinc finger DNA-binding domain Cys-X2-Cys-X17-Cys-X2-Cys, where X represents any amino acid residue.