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2b shows the variation of the spin polarization, SP, with the frequency of the induced photon at different values of gate voltage, [V.sub.g].
where [V.sub.GS] is the DC gate voltage and A is the magnitude of the applied input voltage.
The phase shift across a set of components ([C.sub.L], [C.sub.R], [C.sub.gsp], [L.sub.R]) is 90[degrees] so that the phase shift of the coupling varactor-inductor loop is 360[degrees] and the waveforms of gate voltages (and drain voltages) of pMOSFETs are quadrature.
Figure 4 on the right also shows the current-voltage characteristics of the OPV7 molecule with oxygen linkers at different gate voltages. N-type behavior in conduction can be observed as the positive gate voltage enhances the current [23].
In the measurement, the G-FET device was provided with a varying gate voltage [] from -0.6 to 0.6 V with the scanning step of 0.025 V by an Ag/AgCl electrode and a constant voltage of 0.01 V was provided between drain and source electrodes.
To begin the analysis we decompose the total and constant gate voltage drop, [V.sub.GC], into several contributions: (1) [V.sub.FB], the flat-band voltage drop arising from the difference in Fermi level between the n-doped MESFET channel and the p-type substrate which is assumed constant with temperature, (2) [V.sub.COx], the potential difference between the channel and the BOX alluded to previously, (3) AV, the capacitive voltage drop on the BOX, and (4) [[phi].sub.dep], the voltage drop through the depletion region of the substrate.
5(a), it is clear that extrapolating the nonlinear [C.sub.iss] values based solely on a 2D plot at a certain drain or gate voltage would be inappropriate, because the nonlinear [C.sub.iss] can either increase or decrease at different drain or gate voltages.
The gate-source capacitance ([]) is defined as the change in total charge with the change in gate voltage. It is mainly due to the 2DEG in the normal operating region and is given as
In general, the drain current, [I.sub.D], as a function of the drain voltage, [V.sub.D], and gate voltage, [V.sub.GS] is given by
Hence, the gate voltage of the DTFT connected to the signal holding capacitor [C.sub.s] is also reset for initialization.
This property is due to the finite-size effect and geometry of the zigzag-edge graphene nanoribbons, Saffarzadeh explains."By applying a gate voltage, the type of spin current can be switched from spin-up to spin-down or vice versa," Saffarzadeh says.
The Fano factor F Eq.(9) has been computed numerically as a function of the gate voltage [V.sub.g] magnetic field B and function of the frequency [[omega].sub.Soc] due to spin-orbit coupling.