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These guided shear gate valves from Weir Minerals are designed to repeatedly close and provide bidirectional zero leakage isolation no matter what the process fluid may contain.
"The forged Equiwedge(TM) gate valve is built to withstand the high pressures and temperatures of this evolving market while prolonging useful life and value," says John Lenander, President, Flowserve Flow Control Operations.
Pentair's production facility in Rescaldina, Italy, features one of the largest test benches in Europe with stringent and extensive testing for customised wedge gate valves of this size and capacity.
Gate valve manufacturers furnish valves with a variety of ends to accommodate different types of pipe: flanged, bell, mechanical joint, or hub ends.
Gate valves have either circular or rectangular openings, with the latter being used primarily in the semiconductor industry for wafer-transfer applications.
The gate valve is at a distinct disadvantage if line pressure is low because the gate floats and there may not be sufficient thrust to lift it cleanly without cocking it to one side.
Manufacturers of gate valves include American Flow Control, Div.
The FLIV was designed by Bestobell Valves back to eliminate the problems associated with gate valves that were used to isolate the secondary float level measurement equipment from the cargo tanks.
Advanced hot-runner systems include edge gate valve gate, abrasive systems and micro valve gates with pitches as small as 10 mm.
Tenders are invited for Gate valve enquiry for tcl mithapur project
a cast-iron flanged gate valve with a trimmed locking wedge with a non-sliding spindle 10 pcs.
flanged cast-iron gate valve with a smooth bore and rubber wedge diameter 250 mm in the amount of 24 (twenty four) pieces; flanged cast iron gate valve with rubber wedge, diameter 450 mm in the amount of 1 (one) piece; knife gate (slide) pn10 diameter 200 mm in the amount of 3 (three) pieces; the gate knife (slide) pn10 diameter is 250 mm in the amount of 4 (four) pieces.