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GESGaz à Effet de Serre (French: Greenhouse Gas Emissions)
GESGhana Education Service
GESGTN (Global Transportation Network) Exercise System
GESGeneral Santos, Philippines (Airport Code)
GESGeneral Estimates System (NHTSA)
GESGeography and Environmental Systems
GESGlobal Engineering Solutions (various locations)
GESGood Ecological Status (Water Framework Directive; EU)
GESGeology and Seismology (conference)
GESGoddard Earth Sciences (US NASA)
GESGender Equality Strategy (various locations)
GESGrid Energy Storage
GESGas Extraction System (landfills)
GESGlobal Environmental Solutions
GESGastric Emptying Scintigraphy (digestion)
GESGlobal Employer Services (various companies)
GESGigabit Ethernet Switch
GESGifted Education Specialist (various schools)
GESGround Earth Station
GESGovernment Economic Service (UK)
GESGrenada Elementary School (Grenada, California)
GESGender Equality Scheme (various organizations)
GESGlobal Enqueue Service (Oracle)
GESGreenbrook Elementary School
GESGyrotonic Expansion System (holistic health care)
GESGenetic Evaluation System (cattle breeding)
GESGeneric Exposure Scenario
GESGateway Earth Stations
GESGas Engineering Services
GESGlobal Information Grid (GIG) Enterprise Services
GESGlobal Edge Software (India)
GESGeneral Emergency Services
GESGeneral Education Subcommittee (various schools)
GESGlobal Engagement Summit (Northwestern University)
GESGoldeneye: Source (gaming)
GESGovernment Electronic Systems
GESGroupe d'Étude de la Scoliose
GESGlobal Enrollment System (US Department of Homeland Security)
GESGazelle Elementary School (Gazelle, California)
GESGemini Earth Station (Hughes)
GESGeneric Equipment Simulator (semiconductors)
GESGround Engineering System
GESGeneral Expenditure Statistics (UK)
GESGoliath Edison Screw (type of cap on electric light bulb)
GESGlobal Economic Strategy (various locations)
GESGeneric Environmental Statement
GESGIG (Global Information Grid) Enterprise Services (US DoD)
GESGet Event Status
GESGeneralized Evolutionary Spectrum
GESGeneral Engineering Manual
GESGreentown Elementary School (North Canton, OH City Schools)
GESGeneralized Electrical Susceptibility
GESGeographical Exploration Systems
GESGTN (Global Transportation Network) Exercise Support (Ustranscom)
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The First R&O permits NGSO FSS gateway earth stations to provide, on a primary basis, downlink operations in the 10.7 to 11.7 GHz band and uplink operations in the 12.75 to 13.15 GHz, 13.2125 to 13.25 GHz and 13.75 to 14.0 GHz bands.
Remote subscriber numbering plans and calling features are fully integrated into the local Public Switched Telephony Network plans via multiple gateway earth stations. The system is designed to be cost effective with as few as 20 subscribers sharing a single DAMA/WLL cell.
Its three main components are; the space segment (the constellation of satellites), the ground segment (gateways which include the Gateway Control Centers, GCCs, and Gateway Earth Stations, GESs, and the Network Control Center, NCC, in the US), and Subscriber Communicators (SCs) - handheld devices for personal messaging, as well as fixed and mobile units for remote monitoring and tracking applications.
Boddy thinks the move to higher frequency bands, and improvements in technology and silicon chip manufacturing, have enabled smaller antennas at gateway Earth stations. "32-metre diameter gateway leviathans in 1963 have been replaced by 3.8m antennas, with VSAT antennas from 3.8m to 75cm now commonplace.
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