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GOTCGladiators of the Cage (Pittsburgh, PA)
GOTCGlobal Organization of Tree Climbers (Florida)
GOTCGet Out to Caucus (various locations)
GOTCGuardians of the Cedars (Lebanese political party; est. 1975)
GOTCGathering Of The Clan(s)
GOTCGhosts of the Covenant (gaming)
GOTCGirls of the Con (est. 2007)
GOTCGlobal OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Technical Consultant (various companies)
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This IS a gathering of the clans. Thus Tippins, and surveys Fledgeby and outsiders through golden glass, murmuring as she turns about and about, in her innocent giddy way, Anybody else I know?
In 2005 the 125th Abernethy Games played host to the second international gathering of the Clan Grant Society.
GALLATIN COUNTY -- Members of the 2018 Drone Family Reunion Steering Committee met recently to summarize their recent event and to capture ideas for the next gathering of the clan.
And if there is a gathering of the clan, it won't be a low-key family affair.
For more call 09050 700 441 Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20 OH, HOW we laughed the day the full Moon put you in the doghouse with the team, with the gathering of the clan - and all because you couldn't, or wouldn't, go along with everyone else.
It was a gathering of the clan to celebrate the wonderful two-year adventure of our Small Town In Europe.
The vehicle for that change should be the annual gathering of the clan, this year in Hamilton.
On Saturday, four of those generations travelled from their homes in Lancashire and Derbyshire for a surprise gathering of the clan at Phyllis's flat at Harry Caplan House, in Allesley, Coventry.
To some of the older, perhaps more jaded attendees, the meeting was not much more than a "gathering of the clan." But to the great majority, it was a valuable experience offering practical applications.
It's the first real gathering of the clan there's been, and it would be great to get some locals on board, as we've already got all these Strachans from across the world coming to the north-east."
This could relate to child care or a gathering of the clan. Perhaps it's your thoughts that remain clouded.
to the pride and passion on display all day in Eindhoven during a good-natured gathering of the clan, of the certainty among so many that Boro's victory was fated.