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G4GGaming for Good
G4GGo for Growth (economics)
G4GGathering for Gardner (puzzle and magic enthusiasts)
G4GGames4Gameplay (gaming clan)
G4GGearing up for Gorillas
G4GGenes for Georgia (University of Georgia; genetics research)
G4GGrooving for God
G4GGift for Gift (Facebook)
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Our handout dedicated to Martin Gardner at the "Gathering for Gardner V", April 2002, Atlanta, Georgia was entitled "Five Card Study" and follows.
At the fourth Gathering for Gardner in Atlanta I presented an electronic depiction of a four-dimensional cube on which a magic trick could be performed.
It was Gardner's columns that introduced me to Coxeter's wonderful Introduction to Geometry, the work of Maurits Escher, Solomon Golomb's polynominoes, John Conway's The Game of Life, the geometry of anamorphic art, Scott Kim's wonderful creations, and even the fantastic "The Upside-Downs of Little Lady Lovekins and Old Man Muffaroo", something that I spoke about at the 2006 Gathering for Gardner. [Interestingly, Gardner wrote about this comic strip in his Scientific American column of May 1962.