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"Otherwise, the fish is in danger of exploding," says Bob Murray of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. (Hint: An ion of this element has the same number of electrons as neon.)
Ellen Coleman, "Gatorade sports science institute Q&A." Gatorade Sports Science Institute.
NEW YORK -- PepsiCo Inc.'s Gatorade Sports Science Institute is one of a handful of groups last month that criticized a report in the British Medical Journal suggesting that too much rehydrating by athletes can be fatal.
The site is for the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, a research and education facility located in Barrington, Illinois.
Gatorade Sports Science Institute, julho-agosto 1995, Sports Sciennce Exchange 03.
Woods underwent sweat analysis testing with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. The in-depth scientific testing, conducted by scientists from GSSI, was designed to shape Woods' own specialized hydration and nutrition strategy.
And members of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute point out that energy gels are useful in events where the need for carbohydrate is greater than the need for fluid, such as in open-water swimming or colder marathon temperatures.
Eichner divides his time evenly between seeing patients and doing field research on metabolic imbalances, currently in football with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. He has been a board member there for 15 years, serving on the Sports Medicine Review Board for the last 12 or so.
Through the Gatorade Sports Science Institute and university-partner research, we continue to add to our expertise in hydration and sports nutrition.
Indeed, Larry Kenney's recent look at sodium requirements for the Gatorade Sports Science Institute estimated salt loss for a "typical" linebacker during "two-a-days" at 17 grams.
Lectures were presented by Gatorade Sports Science Institute researchers Randy Eichner, M.D.
* MF Bergeron, Sodium: The Forgotten Nutrient, Sports Science Exchange (Gatorade Sports Science Institute), 2000, 13(3):l-4