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GATRAGreater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (Massachusetts)
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"In Sikhism, the 'gatra kirpan' has its own sanctity and cannot be worn by anybody except an 'amritdhari' [baptised] Sikh.
Even the more neo-fundamentalist groups, such as Hizbut Tahrir and the militant Laskar Jihad were against the so called socialization of polygamy: "polygamy is the doctrine of Islam, not of Puspo Wardoyo" (Gatra 2003a).
According to Gatra, Oemar, a resident of Sidorejo district in East Java Province, had two Muslim wives and a Hindu one.
The second half of the piece is a reflection of the first half, but with the third gatra (A') deleted so that the following melodicles are shifted to earlier points.
For example, Bob Hasan, whose ties to Suharto date back to the 1950's, was given a license to publish Gatra, a magazine which has set out (so far unsuccessfully) to become a new Tempo.
"The movie Zero which is coming, the lead actor Shah Rukh Khan is seen wearing a Kirpan along the Gatra that we wear (the belt).
Sumbogo, 'Debat panjang tentang penggali Pancasila' (The long debate on who discovered the Pancasila), (accessed 15-6-2011) (originally published in Gatra, 10-6-1995).
The photograph of the first performance in the magazine Gatra shows the dhalang placing his vote in a polling booth box with 'Appoint Semar' (Angket Semar) written on it.
"Sair: Tafsiran dari Gatra Sosio-linguistik terhadap genre Bajau Kota Belud"-Saidataul Nornis Hji.
[[DELTA]] Dans la plupart des textes sivaites, c'est l'un des quatre <<corps>> (gatra *) qui relient...