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GLQGauss-Legendre Quadrature (numerical method)
GLQGeneral Linear Quadratic (radiation biology)
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Similar to LS sets, directions in [P.sub.N][T.sub.N] sets are arranged along [xi] levels, equal to the roots of the Legendre polynomial or the one-dimensional Gauss-Legendre quadrature sets.
The Gauss-Legendre quadrature rule with the number of N = 20 integration points was used.
Namely, the domain was divided into sufficiently small intervals where the 64-point Gauss-Legendre quadrature formula is appropriate for the purpose.
Indeed, one of the Referees kindly suggested the use of a Gauss-Legendre quadrature rule.
The boundary and domain integrals are calculated using the Simpson and the Gauss-Legendre quadrature rules.
The identities (3.5) - (3.8) were implemented using a simple 16-point Gauss-Legendre quadrature rule.
Our numerical experiments show that while Gauss-Legendre quadrature is a good choice for computing the matrix pth root [A.sup.1/p], it is the composite trapezoidal rule that presents the best performance for the Frechet derivative.
The multidimensional integral is computed using a Gauss-Legendre quadrature [5]
Special topics include an accurate multiple-precision Gauss-Legendre quadrature.
The integral value of [[P.sup.E.sub.i], [[Q.sup.E.sub.i], [[R.sup.E.sub.i], [[S.sup.E.sub.i] can be calculated from Gauss-Legendre quadrature (Reddy, 1985b).
and m = 2 give results of comparable accuracy, while, as expected, m = 0 (ordinary Gauss-Legendre quadrature) is distinctly inferior.