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We didn't even know she was in the vicinity until we heard her terrified "Oh, my gawd!"
BENEFITS FRAUD Natalie Young: For gawd's sake, there are genuine benefit claimants out there.
A COUPLE of Coronation songs were aired over the weekend and I thought, they don't write 'em like that any more - thank Gawd.
GAWD help us, PETER ANDRE has teamed up with reggae dude SHAGGY to make a record.
YOU may just have guessed that when it comes to our beloved royal family - Gawd bess you, Ma'am - I am not exactly the most loyal of subjects.
As we discussed the phantom myth, I felt this indiscretion coming on and said tongue-incheek: "As a moon-lover, I have to admit that when you took your first step that day, I was half-hoping that a huge shadow would loom over you and you'd look up and cry Oh, my Gawd!" With a wry smile he replied "Don't think it hadn't occurred to me!
Adele, who was up for three prizes shrieked: "Oh my Gawd" as she won for best female artist.
No need to bolt out the door like that, it's hardly Eurovision for gawd's sake.
In a poem by Kipling, what line follows: "By the livin' Gawd that made you"?
Having been hauled out of harm's way, however, by an alert stalls-handler (gawd bless 'em), what did Fallon do?
When Lil asks him for money to have an operation for her tumor, he thinks, cruelly, "Yeah, she ought to ask Gawd to get r id of that tumor for her....