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GTGrand Touring
GTGran Turismo (GT Racing)
GTGrand Theft (felony)
GTGeorgia Tech
GTGet Together
GTGene Transfer
GTGirl Talk
GTGas Turbine
GTGifted and Talented
GTGreater Than (computer math)
GTGiant Tiger
GTGrant Thornton LLP
GTGoogle Toolbar
GTGame Theory
GTGamertag (Xbox Live)
GTGood Trip (various locations)
GTGross Tonnage (maritime)
GTGame Trailers (est. 2002)
GTGlobus Toolkit (Global Alliance)
GTGroup Therapy (band)
GTGroup Telecom (Canadian telecommunications company)
GTGlobal Temperature
GTGood Try (games)
GTGlass Tube (vacuum tube)
GTGlobe Telecom (Philippines)
GTGreenberg Traurig, LLP (law firm)
GTGuantanamo, Cuba
GTGrounded Theory (research methodology; social sciences)
GTGround Truth (physical imaging)
GTGroup Technology
GTGreen Tire
GTGiant Toad
GTGlobal Title (SS7)
GTGuybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island game character)
GTGlyphosate Tolerant (agriculture)
GTGround Test
GTGastric Tube
GTGross Ton
GTGene Trap
GTGround Terminal
GTGround Team (Civil Air Patrol search and rescue)
GTGoal Tending (basketball)
GTGlobe Temperature
GTGuaranteed Traffic
GTGround Track
GTGraphics Terminal
GTGame-tying goal (hockey)
GTGreater Trochanter
GTGenerator Transformer (power plants)
GTGazette Telegraph (Colorado Springs newspaper)
GTGeneral Technical Score (US DoD testing)
GTGround Time
GTGun Target
GTGöteborgs-Tidningen (Swedish newspaper)
GTGreat Tribulation
GTGeneric Task
GTGalilean Transformation
GTGelatinization Temperature
GTGrand Trunk Railroad
GTGrid Tool
GTGeared Turbine
GTGuernsey Telecoms (Guernsey, British Channel Island)
GTGive Tokens
GTGroup Traveler
GTGuide Telescope
GTGround Transmission
GTGround Transmitter
GTGenetic Technologist
GTTransmitter Gain
GTGorgy Timing (Grenoble, France time synchronization company)
GTGlial Tangle (neurology)
GTGood Times Emporium (arcade center, Massachusetts)
GTGain to Noise Temperature Ratio
GTGrid Transformer (UK grid substations)
GTGround Transmit
GTGroup Tactic
GTGrowler Test (armature test)
GTGrunt Tech [US Navy hospital corpsman assigned to a USMC unit] :-)
GTGrassetech (Delta, Utah, USA)
GTGuidance Transmitter
GTGovernment Transportable
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Potter has worked for GateHouse -- and its predecessor companies -- for more than 20 years, serving as a reporter in New Bern, city editor in Jacksonville and assistant metro editor at The Gazette Telegraph in Colorado Springs.
Cadettes Will Get Some Pilot Training," Gazette Telegraph, October 30, 1975, p.
Public journalism advocates such as the Post's Cole Campbell, Steve Smith of the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, and Jay Rosen of the Project on Public Life and the Press, contend that the mainstream news media have always worried too much about "the proper separations, rather than the proper connections.
and an advocate of the libertarian ism his father founded the chain on, died April 18 in Colorado Springs, where he had been publisher of the Gazette Telegraph from 1946 to 1975.
Although the same article mentions a $1 million donation by PK to help rebuild burned African American churches in the South, it brings context to bear by quoting a Gazette Telegraph (Colorado Springs, Colorado) story in which PK President Randy Phillips flatly declares that "the goal is not integration .
and the former Gazette Telegraph in Colorado Springs.
Steve Smith of the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph and Patricia Raybon of the University of Colorado's School of Journalism and Mass Communication, addressing a disconnect between the paper and the merchant community over business coverage.
CATEGORY 4 In-Paper Promotion: Editorial First Place El Pais Dagens Nyheter Montevideo, Uruguay Stockholm, Sweden Second Place Gazette Telegraph Philadelphia Inquirer Colorado Springs, Colo.
Five years later she joined the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph and spent another five years in the newsroom.