GCJGary Clark, Jr. (musician)
GCJGoogle Code Jam
GCJGreen Cross Japan (pharmaceutical company)
GCJGrand Central, Johannesburg (Johannesburg, South Africa)
GCJGNU (Gnu's Not Unix) Compiler for Java Programming Language (trademark of Free Software Foundation, Inc.)
GCJGlobal Commission Junction (online business)
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As a preliminary step to the closure of the Office of Global Criminal Justice (GCJ), in early July, its leader Todd Buchwald, has been moved to a job in the department's legal affairs unit.
The GCJ regularly briefs Congress on international justice issues.
The GCJ, headed by Ambassador Stephen Rapp submitted two reports to the U.S.
The two transactions, subject to amongst other things the transfer of all forestry right certificates with legal use rights to the land and trees to GCJ, totalled about USD14.7m, the company said and added that the combined timberland comprised of pine, fir and other species grown for the sawn timber market.
There are also implementations of Java compilers that compile to native object code, such as GCJ, removing the intermediate bytecode stage, but the output of these compilers can only be run on a single architecture.
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Bennett GCJ. Elder abuse: shifting emphasis from abused to abuser.
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