GCZGrasshopper Club Zurich (soccer club; Zurich, Switzerland)
GCZGeneral Commercial Zone (Philippines)
GCZGrand Canyon Zone
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The GCZ is about 650 meters from the Gratien Gold Zone and lies in between the Eastern Gold Zone and the Gratien, slightly to the north of the regional Perron Fault.
The GCZ was discovered this summer during Amex's regional exploration program as Wildcat exploration targets to the northeast of the Gratien Gold Zone, in areas of historic drilling that exhibited anomalous gold mineralization.
Al resultar significativo el efecto del tratamiento (P<0,05) se probaron los contrastes GT vs GCZ y GT vs GZR.
A partir de los resultados de las variables tecnicas utilizadas para medir el efecto economico y del costo por kg de la dieta que incluyo el costo del AA-[beta] correspondiente para los grupos GCZ y GZR, se llevaron a cabo las estimaciones de las utilidades y estas fueron comparadas con la utilidad del GT.
"This agreement cements Green Dragon's ability to get its proportionate share of the cashflows from the GCZ Block following the return of the development investment which we expect to be in 2015," Grewal said.
Green Dragon Gas Ltd., one of the biggest independent companies integrated in the production and sale of CBM gas in China, is delighted to declares that it has engaged into a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with PetroChina Company Ltd ("PetroChina"), regarding confirming the Company's participating interests in the Chengzhuang block ("GCZ"), a block included within the Shizhuang South ("GSS") Production Sharing Contract.
Grewal, Founder and Chairman of Green Dragon Gas, commented, "We are pleased to be in continued cooperation with PetroChina and look forward to partnering with them as they operate the GCZ block.