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GUoTGdansk University of Technology (Poland)
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Contract award notice: License delivery for the faculty of management and economics of the gdansk university of technology
Madey earned his Master's Degree in Architecture with a town planning specialization from Gdansk University of Technology in Poland.
ski and in co-operation with the Gdansk University of Technology.
3m) and is being developed in cooperation with the Gdansk University of Technology and specialists from private company Deep Ocean Technology.
Also, along with these agreements, GEH also donated two GE GateCycle software licenses to Gdansk University of Technology to help train a new generation of highly skilled nuclear engineers to operate the new facilities.
Namiesnik is head of the department of analytical chemistry at the Gdansk University of Technology, and Szefer head the department of food sciences at the Medical University of Gdansk.
Starnawska, Marzena - Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
Contract notice: Construction of the heat on the campus of the "b" gdansk university of technology.