GDAYGroton Dunstable Alliance for Youth (Groton, MA)
GDAYGeneric Decomposition And Yield
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For example we have a national gDay of Physical Educationh on Oct.
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The GDay USA Xchange was the latest in a series of events delivered in LA aimed at identifying and establishing strategic partnerships to promote the Australian National Innovation and Science Agenda.
Presented by Northrop Grumman and produced in partnership with the Australian National University, AECOM, and the New South Wales and Victorian State Governments, the Innovation Xchange is set to become an annual fixture on the GDay USA calendar.
While the focus of the gala event will be on the glitz and glamour of the red carpet and AACTA International and GDAY USA award recipients, Qantas Chef, Neil Perry AM will be putting the spotlight on Australian food producers, working with acclaimed US chef Tom Colicchio to produce a carefully crafted LA street food menu featuring some of the best Australian seafood, lamb and beef.
Aileen develops and implements programs to help grow the internet eco-system which includes gDays and community development.