GDSSGroup Decision Support System
GDSSGlobal Decision Support System
GDSSGender & Development Seminar Series
GDSSGlobal Defense Support System
GDSSGround Defense Subsector Status Product (WCCS)
GDSSGood Day Sunshine
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In addition, using a GDSS is an excellent way to introduce parents to computers and to demonstrate their school's computer facilities.
Interest and research in the area of GDSS is growing due to the systems' ability to enhance group productivity and interaction.
GroupForum, the GDSS developed and used at the University of Mississippi, includes four programs for idea generation and voting:
Strategic planning sessions using GDSS help teams look down the road and decide what a company needs to do in five years.
It said that the offer consists of (a) an international institutional offering (the international Institutional Offer), in the form of Shares and GDSs, to international institutional investors, including: (i) to Qualified Institutional Buyers in the United States (US), as defined in and in reliance on Rule 144A of the U.S Securities Act of 1993, as amended (the "Securities Act"); and (ii) outside the US, to certain persons in offshore transactions under Regulation S of the Securities Act, (b) a domestic institutional offering (the Domestic Institutional Offer) of shares to institutional and high net worth individual investors; and A,A(c) a domestic public offering (the "Domestic Public Offer") of shares to the general public, including a portion reserved for OGDCL employees.
These events may be taped for viewing and critique at a later time; also, the class can comment directly by typing their thoughts into one of the tools built into the Group Decision Support System (GDSS).
Terms such as group decision support systems (GDSS), electronic meeting systems and computer-supported cooperative work describe the technology that is available to support group activities.
Bookings made using global distribution systems (GDSs) will be subject to the charge while bookings using the International Air Transport Associations' (IATA's) new distribution capability (NDC) will not.
Airlines not required to include all ancillary services in GDSs While the consumer committee advising the Department of Transportation recommended that all travel agents "disclose the fact that they do not offer for sale all airlines' tickets," it did not require that airlines include all ancillary services in GDSs.
Many ancillary fees are not in the GDSs, which is a problem for travel agencies.