GeBCGlobal Electronic Business Communication (Gothenburg, Sweden)
GeBCGreater Eastern Basketball Conference
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In collaboration with UCLA mathematician Mason Porter, the researchers used a computer algorithm to calculate the GEBC for the lattice and found that edges with a higher centrality value than the mean were the most likely to fail.
The researchers found that the GEBC values alone were enough to identify failure sites in the material.
To ensure the reliability of the test, the researcher administered the amended version to a group of 10 third and fourth year students who were not a part of the study sample but studied the same major GEBC. The students took 45 minutes to complete the test.
That seems a normal way to proceed" and if cooperative banks are transformed into reporting machines, "we are going to kill the banks' operations by excessive technocracy," noted Christian Talgorn, president of the GEBC. "For now, we are familiar with the text of the regulation but we have no knowledge of the practical arrangements [for supervision]," he continued.
Its founding fathers were the main European lobby groups representing accounts preparers and users and banking and financial service-sector groups, namely, UNICE (industry and employers), FEE (accountancy industry), CEA (insurance), FBE, ESBG and GEBC (credit and banking), FESE (stock exchanges), EFFAS (financial analysts), UEAPME and EFFA (small businesses).