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Annual CPI inflation was 4.7% in May 2019 up from 4.1% in April 2019, according to Geostat. Core inflation (non-food, non-energy, non-tobacco) was 1.1% in May 2019 down from 1.4% in previous month.
This year the value of Georgia's exports increased by 24% to $3.03 billion, while the value of imports also increased 16.8% to $8.29 billion with respect to January-November 2017, said Geostat.
El proyecto GEOSTAT fue iniciado por el European Forum for GeoStatistics (EFGS) para promover un sistema estadistico basado en una rejilla (grid), con el objetivo mas generico de integrar la informacion estadistica en un sistema geoespacial comun.
Characteristics of human cutaneous anthrax patients, Georgia, 2010-2012 Male case-patients Characteristic No., n = 209 Population * Age, y 5-19 14 522,736 20-34 57 458,998 35-49 62 443,820 50-64 61 292,713 65-79 15 196,171 Self-reported infection source Slaughtering cattle 143 Processing meat 39 Field work/sowing and harvesting crops 20 Unknown 7 Female case-patients Characteristic No., n = 42 Population * Age, y 5-19 2 506,785 20-34 8 480,276 35-49 12 502,732 50-64 15 361,370 65-79 5 286,839 Self-reported infection source Slaughtering cattle 3 Processing meat 28 Field work/sowing and harvesting crops 7 Unknown 3 * Population estimates were obtained from the Georgian State Statistical Office (GeoStat, and are based on median year population totals for the study period.
GEOSTAT 1990 Recensement federal de la population, Office federal de la statistique, Espace de l'Europe 10 CH-2010 Neuchatel [En ligne: tungen/servicest elle geostat.html]
Be sure to examine and develop activities for using the Historical Census Browser, found at the Geostat Center, http://fisher].
Software is based on the GEOSTAT programme from RTZ Consultants.
Summary: In May 2019, exports increased by 3.5% y/y to US$ 334.2mn, imports were down 7.3% y/y to US$ 751.9mn and the trade deficit narrowed 14.4% y/y to US$ 417.7mn, according to Geostat.
Foreign direct investments (FDI) in Georgia amounted to $322.6 million in the third quarter (Q3) of 2018 as shown by preliminary data published by the National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat), Trend reports referring
Geostat. Overview, 1 (1), doi:10.4172/2327-4581.1000101.
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