GeRaFGeographic Random Forwarding
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Rao, "Geographic random forwarding (GeRaF) for ad hoc and sensor networks: Multihop performance," IEEE Trans, Mobile Comput, Vol.
GeRaF proposed in [3, 4] is a greedy multihop implicit routing protocol based on geographic information.
Different from the GeRaF protocol, ESCDD adopts the above energy-saving measure based on topology control to keep the local connectivity of nodes stable.
The proposed ESCDD is compared with the existing GeRaF, REEGF, and EERNFS in four performance indicators: the delivery ratio of data packet, the average delay of multihop transmission, the average energy consumption of nodes, and the energy consumption distribution in the WSNs.
ESCDD has less data collection delay compared with GeRaF, EERNFS, and REEFG.