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GebGeboren (German: born)
GebGebouw (Dutch: building)
GebGiessener Elektronische Bibliothek (German: Giessen Electronic Library)
GebGods Eater Burst (gaming)
GebGoogle Earth Blog
GebGuiding Eyes for the Blind
GebGraham Elliot Bistro (restaurant; Chicago, IL)
GebGeneral Education Board
GebGujarat Electricity Board (India)
GebGodel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid (book by Douglas Hofstadter)
GebGlobal Energy Basel (Basel, Switzerland)
GebGlobal Ecology and Biogeography
GebGuaranteed Equity Bond
GebGolden Eagle Broadcasting (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
GebGreenwich Enterprise Board (UK)
GebGum Elastic Bougie
GebGeneral Education Building (various colleges)
GebGames and Economic Behaviour
GebGlobal Enterprise Business (Hewlett Packard)
GebGroupe Energie Biomasse
GebSchuh-Großeinkaufs- Bund GmbH (Germany)
GebGenomes, Evolution and Bioinformatics
GebGlobal Executive Banking
GebGolden Eagle Band
GebGeorges-Edouard Berenger
GebGenetic Evaluation Board (Canadian Dairy Board)
GebGraduate Engineering Bridges
GebGreat Embroideries of Bukhara
GebGrid Enabled Blast
GebGebe Airport, Indonesia
GebGuide Editorial Board
GebGeneral Employee Benefits
GebGraduate Executive Board
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Credicorp Capital served as GEB's financial advisor and Philippi, Prietocarrizosa, Fererro DU and UrA-a and Estudio Rubio LeguA-a Normand as legal counsel.
Stakeholders/Participants from different departments and organizations unanimously stressed on the need for a robust environmental information management system in Pakistan and the role that projects like GEB through UN assistance can play.
While the temporal borders were fairly well defined by the period during which the GEB was active (mainly from 1909 through 1955), the other parameters are far more complex.
Many, many thanks go to the hundreds of GEB girls of the past.
O GEB e o maior componente do Gasto Energetico Total (GET) da maioria dos individuos, sendo que este ultimo e composto por o Gasto Energetico com Atividades Fisicas (GAF), somando ao gasto com os processos de digestao, absorcao e armazenamento de nutrientes dos alimentos e ao gasto energetico basal (GEB) determinam o GET de um individuo (Volp e colaboradores, 2011; Rossi, 2013).
However, simply inserting the GEB into the site below the glottis or the upper trachea can weaken or even eliminate the gritty feel in contact with the tracheal rings, which is a sign of correct tracheal placement of the GEB (4).
"Savers invested in shares directly, rather than a GEB, would have been facing heavy losses and tearing their hair out", he says.
On sale until November 24, NS&I's sixth GEB offers investors a gross return equivalent to 95pc of any growth in the FTSE 100 index over the five year term, with no upper limit or cap on this - otherwise known as a `participation' Bond.
A GEB (Guaranteed Equity Bond) also guarantees to repay all your capital, plus a set percentage even if the stock market falls between start and maturity dates.
They have conducted lengthy interviews with General President Coia, GEB Attorney Robert Luskin, and Inspector General Doug Gow.
and Blue Water Worldwide LLC, a fund managed by Blue Water Advisors LP that Electro Dunas Cayman Holdings Ltd., a subsidiary of Blue Water, has completed the transfer to GEB of 100% of the shares of Dunas Energia S.A.A., a company listed in the Lima Stock Exchange, through a public tender offer in the Lima Stock Exchange, the company said.