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GECOSGeneral Electric Comprehensive Operating System
GECOSGeneral Electric Computer Operating System
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Gecos de dedos lanceolados del Suroeste Asiatico, Asaccus.
Geco pigmeo de dedos lanceolados de Duellman, Phyllodactylus duellmani.
Geco de dedos lanceolados de Belice, Phyllodactylus insularis.
Geco del Valle del Rio Marquez, Phyllodactylus paucituberculatus.
The center will be an extension of GECOs global research network and will house up to 100 technologists developing new sustainable energy, water and other environmental technologies.
GECOs 2007 revenues in the region were over $5 billion, an increase of 50% over 2006.
Open content delivery platform GECO Gaming has established a partnership with online gaming company Daub Alderney.
Mark Paling, chief executive of GECO, said, Daub Alderney is known to seek out the best and most inventive providers present in the market, while presenting the player with an offering that is original, enjoyable and fun, so it is a great compliment to GECO to be included in their line-up.
A world leader in promoting corporate governance best practices, GECOs sponsorship of Hawkamah demonstrates its commitment to promoting these practices in the Middle East region.
Nabil Habayeb, GECOs President and CEO for the Middle East and Africa region, said: C[pounds sterling]Corporate governance plays a critical role in the development of modern businesses as it enhances investor trust and promotes transparent conduct.
With its vast global expertise in implementing corporate governance, GECOs sponsorship will support us tremendously in our efforts to develop and proliferate better governance policies and frameworks in the Middle East.
GECOs relationship with QatarCOs natural gas and LNG industries goes back more than 35 years, and GE technology is well established in the nation.