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GECOSGeneral Electric Computer Operating System
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Open content delivery platform GECO Gaming has established a partnership with online gaming company Daub Alderney.
The venture will expand GECOs opportunity pipeline globally, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, while providing Mubadala with access to GECOs best-in-class commercial finance capabilities.
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With capable partners like Ncell in Minneapolis, Matrix in Munich, Gecos in Stuttgart, C-Cure in Mechelen, and DSP in London coupled with our rigourous partner selection, training, and development program, we are able offer our customers throughout the world complete management and monitoring solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each customer.
C[pounds sterling]Corporate governance plays a critical role in the development of modern businesses as it enhances investor trust and promotes transparent conduct,' said Nabil Habayeb, GECOs president and CEO for Mena region.
The new relationship helps to promote corporate governance across the MENA region and further build on GECOs high standards of transparency.
Having first abandoned GECOS 7 and DPS 7, and gradually the AIX system, the Ministry determined that since 2000 it would drastically lower its costs by definitively decoupling the operating system supplier from the hardware supplier," said Michel Affre, IT systems manager at the French Ministry for Education.
The new contractual service agreement (CSA) follows similar agreements previously signed for RasGas LNG Trains 1 to 5 and Al-Khaleej Gas Plant - 1, and brings GECOs total services commitment at the site to over US$1 billion.