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GefStoffV (German Section 14: Provision of Information and Hazardous Instructions to Employees Substances Act) (6) (1) The employer shall ensure that employees have access to written operating instructions as specified in Sentence 2, that such instructions take account of the hazard appraisal and that they are written in a form and language that can be understood by the employees.
1 700 sqm, Partial areas with noise protection planking; Pollutant remediation trgs 521 and trgs 519 with approval 17 gefstoffv; Waste disposal construction waste approx.
the new working group must be able to store chemicals, gas bottles and also chemical wastes according to the provisions of section 24 (1) gefstoffv as well as the technical rules of the trgs 510 and trbs 3145 and the laboratory guidelines bgi 850-2.
Demolition and drywall work: - 1 pc personal cleansing facility (14 gefstoffv), - 500 m 2 dust protection, Foil, - 800 m 2 demolition roof and ceiling coverings gk, - 200 m 2 demolition floor construction, - 450 m 2 gk + osb planking, Steam brake, Wall, - 900 m 2 insulation miwo, - 35 pcs.