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In fact, Gelandewagen received a ballast weighing a little more than a ton and clearly lost its ability to accelerate to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds.
You'll need no convincing of this Gelandewagen's halfcentury of heritage thanks to ergonomics that remind you just how much automotive design has progressed since the late 1980s.
It started life in 1979 when it was called the Gelandewagen (enthusiasts still call it the G-Wagen).
For those who don't speak Benz, G stands for 'gelandewagen' (the German word for off-road vehicle), L stands for 'leicht' (light) and the last letter refers to which Class in the sedan lineup it is equal to in size, equipment and appointments.
The Gelandewagen, or G-Class, a rugged sport-utility vehicle built to compete against Land Rovers or Toyota Land Cruisers, is famously popular in Dubai, having been popularised by the emir of Dubai, with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum owning a G63 AMG.
(FDP): Abgaswerte deutscher Gelandewagen und LKW vom 05.05.2003:
As the Gelandewagen, this military-grade 4x4 has been in production since 1979.
The Gurkha is based on the lines of the legendary Mercedes Gelandewagen (G -Wagon) and the high width tubeless off road tyres and trendy alloy wheels add to its style quotient, the company said in a statement.
"More power, more performance, more luxury and safety build on its unmistakable character, and galvanises the Gelandewagen further into a class of its own," he stated.
Caution should govern the motorist who dares impede the progress of Skau as he commutes in his Mercedes G 55, or Gelandewagen. The sports utility vehicle is the kind favored by the likes of Detroit Red Wings forward Sergi Federov and can get in touch with 140 miles per hour in a hurry when duly provoked.
Marketed under the label G Class, the G comes from the German Gelandewagen which translates something like Vehicle for the Outdoors.
Their $50,000-plus Gelandewagen was defunct anyway, having taken a round through the fuel pump.