GenRadGeneral Radio (very early RF and Test Equipment manufacturer)
GenRadGeneralized Range Dependent Acoustic Driver
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"We knew there was a 6U provision in the standard," he said, "but we didn't want be the only company building 6U PXI products." Fortuitously, GenRad soon introduced 6U PXI products, and a few months later Geotest-Marvin Test Systems followed with 6U PXI instruments and chassis.
The microphone-recorder setup was previously calibrated for amplitude with a custom-built tone generator and a precision sound pressure level meter (GenRad, model 1982).
The Genrad and Hewlett-Packard translators can be obtained by contacting Cypress.
"More and more, the engine, transmission and other electronics-oriented module suppliers are providing diagnostic tools that are PC-based," said Harry Watt, business development manager for GenRad's advanced diagnostics solutions equipment.
They also set up a number of bus systems with different topologies using instruments from various vendors (including Hewlett Packard, Keithley, GenRad and others) as well as a computer to stand in for the hypothetical high-speed-capable instruments and make sure the protocol would work.
New executives were brought in from the outside, and the name of the firm changed to GenRad.
He previously held a number of positions with Genrad, including COO from 1987-1988.
The first, a GenRad 2517 that uses SPIN software, was supplied by GenRad Inc.
In addition to the release of the standard, NI also announced the creation of the PXI Systems Alliance (PXISA) with other vendors featured and present at the conference such as GenRad and PXIT, demonstrating that PXI was defined to be an open, industry standard.
For the next nine years he worked as a commercial artist and illustrator for advertising firms, with clients that included Reebok, Digital, GenRad, Lotus and other major firms.
Since acquiring the CIMbridge business unit from Genrad in October 2002, Tecnomatix has been committed to a transition plan to upgrade CIMbridge users to a more advanced, integrated programming platform.
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