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GENADGender Advisor (various organizations)
GENADGeneral Admission (live events)
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Army Aviation, Major, NATO Gender Advisor, CA Commissioner on the Status of Women & Girls
The Military Gender Advisor in the Office of Military Affairs, Department of Peace Operations at the United Nations Headquarters, Squadron Leader Fiona Pearce, lectured on gender and its related issues.
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) gender advisor Rodrigo Montero advised the government to improve its public information so that all Cambodians know that commercial surrogacy is subject to prosecution.
The seminar was attended among others by top media professionals and social activists including Leader of Opposition in the Senate Sherry Rehman, Peshawar bureau chief of Aaj Television, news anchor Fahad Hussain, social activist Jibran Nasir, Gender Advisor to UN Salman Asif, intellectual Sheema Kirmani, Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon and columnist Kishwar Naheed.
The document was written at the headquarters of the Chief of Staff's Gender Advisor, called "Gender Standards." Distribution of the document in units that serve women in combat roles began about two months ago.
The civil society body urged CTSAMM's gender advisor to focus on documenting and reporting not only military violations, and said the African Union Peace and Security Council and the Office of the United Nation Special Representative on Prevention of Sexual Violence in Conflict should intervene to strengthen CTSAMM's reporting on sexual violence.
It is as if her comfort is only about exempting her from household work such as dishwashing and cooking," Dima Karadsheh, a gender advisor at CARE International in Jordan, said.
Farhat Sheikh, Gender Advisor, Canadian High Commission; Seher
A new Gender Advisor has been recruited by the Mission and will be advising on all matters to this effect.
Senior Gender Advisor of the project Aliya Sethi narrated the history and purpose of the WPN and stressed the need to sensitize public and government officials about the issues, problems and requirements of woman police.
Inder's experience as a policy and gender advisor to UN negotiations in the global policy arena, and her hands-on experience for the past decade working with women and communities affected by armed conflicts highlights the priority I am placing on strengthening cooperation between local women's groups and my office.
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