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The Kit is funded under Victorias gender equality strategy, Safe and Strong.
In the next European Parliament, we will promote a binding EU gender equality strategy.
It was informed that BMGF launched its Gender Equality Strategy in November, 2017.
First, our new gender equality strategy will seek to link women to markets.
Such measures should be part of a larger gender equality strategy, addressing issues across the board including women's economic empowerment, violence against women and gender stereotypes, as gender balance cannot be reached in decision-making if other areas of life remain fundamentally unbalanced, the study concluded.
The new World Bank Group Gender Equality Strategy 2016-2023 calls for investment in prevention of and response to gender-based violence across a range of sectors.
These policies deal with two of the priorities set in the Gender Equality Strategy, the economic independence of women and the equal pay for equal work and work of equal value.
Second, although not readily apparent by the excerpted text, sex workers are almost entirely left out of the gender equality strategy, appearing only once in the annex.
The political text, meant to accompany the European Commission's gender equality strategy 2010-2015, encourages for the first time member states and the Union to take measures to boost prevention of violence against women and protection of victims, and to stress the role of men and boys in eradicating violence against women.
Highlighting Victorian womens achievements is part of the Labor Governments gender equality strategy Safe and Strong, which includes initiatives to promote women in leadership and decision-making roles.
The document, intended to accompany the European Commission's gender equality strategy for 2010-2015, will not elicit great hopes among the organisations working to promote gender equality in the light of the "limited impact of its predecessors," as the European Women's Lobby described it.
Among them, he highlighted the implementation of an ambitious gender equality strategy for the coming years, a European unemployment insurance, a renewed Youth Guarantee that improves employment opportunities for young people and a child guarantee that ensures the basis for equality of opportunities.