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GenderPACGender Public Advocacy Coalition
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Only about 20% of the fatal assaults GenderPAC documented generated anything like the kind of sustained mainstream media cover age King's killing received.
A recent GenderPAC survey, of 651 students currently enrolled at U.
The lockerroom culture has no place in the workplace today," states Riki Wilchins, executive director of GenderPAC.
But they're not limited to cases involving supervisors who pressure subordinates to have sex in order to get promotions or keep their jobs, explained Riki Wilchins, executive director of GenderPAC.
They really bent over backward to avoid doing anything that smacks of stone-sex marriage," said Riki Wilchins, executive director of GenderPAC.
We at GenderPAC regret that Riki Wilchins's column could be misinterpreted to imply that laws do not cover gender expression.
My organization, GenderPAC, recently joined the American Civil Liberties Union and other groups in supporting the legal appeal of 44-year-old feminist Darlene Jespersen, who was fired after two decades at the same job when she refused to wear makeup and high heels as required by her employer's dress code.
I could have just tumbled out of bed, my hair's a mess, and I've hardly brushed my teeth," Queer as Folk's Peter Paige said at a recent GenderPAC reception.
This May 18-20, GenderPAC is holding its second National Conference on Gender in Washington, D.
Riki Wilchins Executive Director, GenderPAC via the Internet
Following the brutal murder of transman Brandon Teena, transgender activist Riki Anne Wilchins and her organization, GenderPAC, organize the first National Gender Lobby Days.
Wilchins is executive director of GenderPAC, the national gender rights organization.