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A gene expression database for the molecular pharmacology of cancer, Nature Genet.
CIBEX: Center for Information Biology Gene Expression database. C R Biol 326:1079-1082.
According to the 23 June 2003 edition of the online news source Bioinform, the planned internal gene expression database will help educate FDA reviewers about the format, content, and context of microarray data submissions.
Thus, we anticipate that the object models built by MGED in the microarray gene expression database arena also will be applicable to proteomics and metabonomics.
According to the notification, Javed Iqbal S/o Sheer Mohammad was granted degree in the subject of Persian after approval of his thesis entitled Editing and Analysis of Diwan-E-Mirza Mohammad Sadiq Medami while Shahid-ur-Rehman S/o Saif-ur-Rehman got degree in the subject of Molecular Biology after approval of his thesis entitled Development of Standardized Laboratory Information Management System Using DNA Microarray Plant Gene Expression Databases.
Large gene expression databases are available for human cells that have been treated with molecules extracted from existing drugs as well as drugs that are in development.
In creating the world's largest commercial gene expression databases - BioExpress[R] and ToxExpress[R], we have developed expertise and capabilities that are unparalleled in the genomic services industry.
Micro-array and gene expression databases - ArrayExpress
Gene Logic provides gene expression databases through its custom discovery research databases and its GeneExpress Suite of databases.
With considerable investment of resources, a few full-featured, relational gene expression databases have been developed, but these are not available for public deposition of data (e.g., http://genome-www4.stanford.edu/MicroArray/ MDEV/index.html; http://www.
The license is exclusive for the creation of gene expression databases, which will be licensed to others, but non-exclusive for other uses.
Technical and policy issues that need to be addressed include a) opportunities for shared learning in the public domain, b) accessibility to publicly held gene expression databases, c) understanding of the predictive capabilities of the technologies before widespread application, d) availability of prevalence data, e) privacy and confidentiality concerns, f) security and discrimination issues, g) counseling for coping with genetic information, h) use and premature use of "omics" data, and i) defining the regulatory positions on "omics" data.