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GyGray (measure of dose of irradiation; amount of energy transferred to substance being irradiated)
GYGuernsey (postcode, United Kingdom)
GYGrimsby (UK)
GYGrain Yield (agriculture)
GYGuyana Airways 2000 (IATA airline code)
GYGuidance Year
GYVibrational Acceleration Along the Y-Axis
GYMarine Insurance Stamp (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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See Russett, De Quincey's Romanticism, Frey, "Imperial Systems," and Alina Clej, A Geneaology of the Modem Self: Thomas De Quincey and the Intoxication of Writing (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1995).
Lovering, a Congregational minister in Holland, published the 750-page book in 1915 and included a Holland geneaology that is consulted by Holland residents to this day.
There is a booklet from Noble Continuing Education called "Field of Insurance" that is full of interesting anecdotes and literally tracks the geneaology of insurance to its ancient roots and, in my view, culminates with a lengthy discussion of the role of insurance in a free economy.
In a hurdle race at Nottingham on a mid-March afternoon that would normally pass the racing public by, Adrian went for a gap up the inside on Mr Geneaology and I didn't let him.
As part of this large-scale family history fair, bringing together geneaology societies from across the country, celebrities who have taken part in the eponymous TV programme will appear live on stage to recount their experiences of uncovering their unkown family histories.
If one subscribes to a more patriarchalist geneaology, then Horace Walpole, as mentioned earlier, is usually regarded as the "father" of the Gothic novel.
One of these personal elements is a given performer's geneaology : Cecchetti technique or Russian?
Historically, there were women who did undertake holistic Qur'anic exegesis--in the 20th century we have the Egyptian Aisha Abdelrahman's two-volume exegesis Al-tafsir al-bayan li al-qur'an al-karim (1962-1969), but such women are not considered by Islamic feminists to be within their geneaology since they do not make gender a salient category of analysis and they utilize a traditional exegetical methodology.