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GACGlobal Assembly Cache
GACGranular Activated Carbon
GACGreat American Country
GACGustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, Minnesota)
GACGlobal Assembly Cache (Microsoft .NET)
GACGeneral Aviation Commission
GACGreater Atlanta Christian (Georgia)
GACGovernment Affairs Committee
GACGlobal Action for Children (est. 2003)
GACGovernmental Advisory Committee
GACGeneral Access Copy
GACGuangzhou Automobile Company
GACGlobal Attribute Classification
GACGalveston Arts Center (Galveston, TX)
GACGeneric Assessment Criteria (risk assessment)
GACGovernment Advisory Committee
GACGeological Association of Canada
GACGlobal Area Coverage
GACGeneral Assembly Council
GACGet A Clue
GACSanta Clara/ Great America (Amtrak station code; Santa Clara, CA)
GACGroup Audit Committee (various locations)
GACGovernmental Affairs Committee
GACGeneral Affairs Council (EU)
GACGirls at the Center
GACGCRC Advisory Committee (Penn State)
GACGeneral Advisory Committee
GACGrants and Contracts
GACGlobal AIDS Coordinator (US Department of State)
GACGalway Arts Centre (Galway, Ireland)
GACGuidelines and Audit Committee (UK)
GACGuilty As Charged (band)
GACGovernment Access Channel (various locations)
GACGraduate Affairs Committee
GACGenetic Analysis Center (New York University)
GACGerman Aerospace Centre
GACGovernment Affairs Conference
GACGalvanized Aircraft Cable
GACGemini Air Cargo
GACGreenwich Arts Council (Greenwich, CT)
GACGroup Access Capability
GACGeospatial Advisory Committee
GACGuidance and Control
GACGraphic Arts Center
GACGovernor's Advisory Council
GACGround Attitutde Control
GACGeneralized Arc-Consistency
GACGlobal Atmospheric Change (environment)
GACGraphic Adventure Creator
GACGeneric Artificial Consciousness
GACGeneral American Corporation (real estate vendor management provider)
GACGreater Alabama Council (Boy Scouts of America)
GACGlobal Afrikan Congress
GACGeorgia Agribusiness Council
GACGloster Aircraft Company
GACGreenbelt Arts Center (Greenbelt, MD, USA)
GACGovernment Affairs Chair (various organizations)
GACGreat Arkansas Cleanup
GACGround Assault Convoy
GACGuelph Arts Council
GACGospel Assembly Church
GACGIS Application Center
GACGrumman Aerospace Corporation
GACGreyhound Adoption Center
GACGeneva Acquisition Corp. (Quincy, MA)
GACGeriatric Assessment Clinic
GACGlobal Avalanche Characteristics
GACGlobal Asbestos Congress
GACGreek Alliance Council
GACGardner Arts Centre (UK)
GACGraduate Academic Certificate
GACGresham Art Committee (Gresham, OR)
GACGeneral Artificial Consciousness
GACGlobal Arcade Classics
GACGulfstream Aircraft Corporation
GACGeometrie Algebrique Complexe
GACGeneral Avionics Computer
GACGlobal Atmospheric Chemistry Group
GACGrilled American Cheese (sandwich)
GACGeneral Availability Commit
GACGraphs and Combinatorics
GACGraduate Admission Committee
GACGoodyear Atomic Corporation
GACGeneral Analytics Corporation
GACGroundwater Activated Carbon
GACGorkha Ayurved Company (Nepal)
GACGloucester Arts Council
GACGrangeville Air Center (Us Forest Service Smokejumper Base in Northern Idaho)
GACGolder Associates Corporation
GACGlobal Assessment of Change (score used in clinical studies medical)
GACGamblin Artists Colors Co.
GACGraphical Activity Client
GACGeneral Acoustic Conditions
GACGovernment and Anti-Corruption (Diagnostics Tools)
GACGlobal Avalanche Criterion
GACGeological Advisory Committee (North Carolina Geological Survey)
GACGrammar Applicative and Cognitive (model)
GACGoods At Consolidator
GACGirls' Action Council
GACGenerale Accessoires Chauffage
GACGravesham Arts Council (UK)
GACGeneral Application Controls (information technology auditing)
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BRUSSELS, Feb 27 (KUNA) -- The EU General Affairs Council, meeting in Brussels Tuesday, has given the go-ahead to increased lending by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to projects outside the EU that address migration issues.
At the General Affairs Council, on October 18, preparations for the European Council on 20-21 October 2016 are expected to be concluded.
Kuneva said in a media statement after a General Affairs Council meeting in Brussels that Bulgariaas reasons for seeking partial Schengen membership included the fact that it would entitle it to take full advantage from the instruments of the Schengen Information System (SIS) related to cross border ahot pursuita and the identification ofpeople banned from entering the Schengen Area.
The General Affairs Council of the European Union is expected to adopt Tuesday (23 June) the draft conclusions discussed at the meeting of the EU's Foreign Affairs Council on Monday.
Turkey will be able to move forward towards membership of the European Union, the 28 European affairs ministers agreed, on 22 October, at the General Affairs Council.
Linas Linkevicius, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Chairman of the General Affairs Council (GAC) of the European Union, said his country and himself are going to work hard to make sure Macedonia was set a date for opening membership negotiations at the summit of the European Council in December.
The Deputy Minister was speaking at a press conference after the conclusion of Tuesday's EU General Affairs Council, chaired by Mavroyiannis in Brussels.
ANKARA, Dec 9, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday that EU General Affairs Council eulogized Turkey's active foreign policy and talked about the developments Turkey recorded in reform process.
The last point was added following the General Affairs Council session.
Although the mission represents a continuation of the EU policies adopted by the EU General Affairs Council last November, this is still a new role for the Europeans--and one that is long overdue.
In a last-ditch attempt to aid the path of free and fair elections in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, EU Foreign Ministers announced somewhat hopefully at their 18-19 September General Affairs Council that Members of national Parliaments had been invited to go into Serbia to monitor the fairness of the on 24 September elections.
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