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where: [Y.sub.ij] is the mean of the cross between the i-th line of Group I and the j-th line of Group II; p is the overall mean of the diallel; [g.sub.i] is the general combining ability of the i-th line of Group I; [g'.sub.j] is the general combining ability of the j-th line of Group II; [s.sub.ij] is the specific combining ability of lines of Groups I and II; and [[epsilon].sub.ij] is the mean experimental error.
Significant differences were observed for the effects of the general combining ability (GCA) as well as the effects of the specific combining ability (SCA), for all the characters, except for the soluble solids content for SCA (Table 3), which showed that the additive and non-additive gene interaction occurred simultaneously in the control of the traits evaluated.
Estimation of genetic components under normal water condition: The variance due to specific combining ability (I2sca) was greater than variance due to general combining ability (I2gca) for all of traits measured indicating the role the of non-additive genes in the inheritance (Table 2).
The analysis of variance was determined following statistical procedures of Gomez and Gomez (1984), while mean squares for general combining ability were estimated from lines and testers and specific combining ability from lines x tester interactions by Kempthore (1957) and adopted by Singh and Choudhry (1985).
An overall appraisal of general combining ability effects of parents (Table 2) viz., ANDCI 10-12, revealed that for kernel yield per plant, parents viz.
Analysis of variance for combining abilities showed highly significant differences in both general combining ability (GCA) and specific combining ability (SCA) of the cowpea parents studied indicating the importance of both additive and non-additive gene effects in their inheritance in either or both nonwater-stressed and water-stressed environments.
Since GCA estimates pertaining to a parental variety show the deviation of parental mean from the general mean, the sum of all deviations (that is all general combining ability effects) would be zero and this is also true in the present case which could also be regarded as the accuracy test of the model/data.
Table 3: Estimates of relative proportion of variance components for general combining ability (GCA), specific combining ability (SCA) and reciprocal effects for quantitative traits in maize under salt conditions.
These coefficients increase as the difference between their inbreeding coefficients decreases, and it suggests that no difference is expected between the inbred and partially inbred progenies; therefore the general combining ability could be established using early generations.
Estimates of general combining ability for some spike traits in four lines and four testers of wheat
These contrasts estimate the average impact of each parental stock on the performance of hybrid progeny, typically referred to as "general combining ability" in analyses of within-population genetic variation (Falconer & Mackay 1996).
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