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GIGovernment Issue (as in GI Joe)
GIGet(s) It
GIGeneral Information
GIGeophysical Institute
GIGeographical Indications
GIGießen (Germany; auto license number plate)
GIGlycemic Index
GIGrand Island (Nebraska)
GIGame Informer (video game magazine)
GIGoogle It
GIGlobal Illumination (graphic art)
GIGilligan's Island (TV show)
GIGovernment Issued (gaming clan)
GIGateway Integration
GIGeospatial Information
GIGas Industry
GIGlobal Initiative
GIGender Imbalance
GIGlycemic Impact (diet)
GIGeospatial Intelligence (National System for Geospatial Intelligence)
GIGeneral Investigation
GIGeneral Issue
GIGasherbrum I (26,470 ft. mountain near Pakistan-China)
GIGender Incongruence
GIGeneral Instruction
GIGlobal Investigations (various companies)
GIGeneral Intelligence
GIGalvanized Iron
GIGranuloma Inguinale (aka: Donovanosis)
GIGlobal Infrastructure
GIGranulomatous Inflammation (chronic inflammation)
GIGlobal Industries
GIGaruda Indonesia (airline)
GIGeneral Inspection
GIGeneral Increase
GIGreenpeace International
GIGrey Iron
GIG Protein, Alpha-Inhibiting
GIGeneral Illumination (pinball machine lights)
GIGuard Impact (video game)
GIGreen Index
GIGuest Investigator
GIGuitar Institute
GIGeneral Infantry (less common)
GIGeneral Infantry
GIGunnery Instructor (various armed forces)
GIGlossopharyngeal Insufflation (physiology)
GIGuaranteed Insurability (insurance)
GIGeninfo Identifier
GIGlobal Internet Symposium
GIGesellschaft für Informatik eV
GIGas Injector
GIGuest Informant
GIGlobal Imager
GIGeneral Instruments Corporation
GIGeographically Impossible
GIGenuine Ilocano (Filipino from Ilocos Province)
GIGlobal Indexing System
GIGeneral Inductee
GIGlobal Instruments, Inc.
GIGegenschein Imager
GIGelbray International
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As general information about the authors is readily available elsewhere, his introductory remarks are kept to a bare minimum, saving space for introducing the selected texts.
The site, which celebrated its two millionth visitor recently and attracts as many as 5,000 visitors each day, also tracks and displays more general information about companies' social and environmental responsibility records.
There is also plenty of general information about nutrition, dietary supplements, exercise, sleep, skincare and blues busters.
It includes both state-specific and general information on elections, as well as a polling place locator feature.
General Information Letter IT 000002-GIL (1/11/00).
Chapters 1 and 2 contain general information on nutrition, instructions for calculating body mass index, and caloric recommendations for age, gender, and activity level.
Introducing and descriptively exploring each and every gem covered in the easy-to-use reference, Secrets Of The Gem Trade contains an illustrated summary of each stone inclusive of its history and general information, hue and tone, saturation, which may be noticed as the finest, an understanding of the particular gems rarity, and the caution for synthetics and how to depict them, however dependant upon the stone there may be description of clarity, color fading, multi-color effect, etc.
Understanding Environmental Pollution is rich in general information about most forms of pollution at the household, local, and global level.
* This article contains general information only and is not intended to provide specific legal advice.
In addition to the industry-specific programming, attendees can also attend several general information sessions.
For general information about sharks and shark conservation, visit:
The Department of Defense Education Gateway (EduGateway) Web site at <> provides general information about science, mathematics, and engineering (SME) educational programs sponsored in whole or in part by the DoD.
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