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GPUGraphics Processing Unit
GPUGround Power Unit
GPUGeneral Public Utilities
GPUGreen Party of Utah
GPUGas Piston Upper (Addax, Inc.)
GPUGeneral Purpose User
GPUGeneral Postal Union (1847-1879, now UPU Universal Postal Union)
GPUGlobal Pastry Uprising
GPUGeneral Processor Unit
GPUGraphics Processing/Processor Unit
GPUGround Processing Unit
GPUGerm Plasm Utilization (livestock)
GPUGenomics Policy Research Unit
GPUGarment Production Unit (garment flammability testing)
GPUGroup Personnel Unit (UK)
GPUGossudarstwenoje Polititscheskoje Upravlenije (Russian: National Political Administration; Soviet Secret Service until 1937)
GPUGas Particulate Unit (used in chemical warfare agent filters)
GPUGossudarstwennoje Prawowoje Uprawlenije (Russian: National Legal Administration)
GPUGroupe Permanent Chargé des Installations Nucléaires de Base (French: Standing Group of Base Nuclear Installations)
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Leva is chairman, president, and CEO of Parsippany, NJ-based General Public Utilities, a $3.65 billion public utilities holding company.
illegally approved a General Public Utilities (G.P.U.) plan to release accident-generated radioactive gases directly into the environment.
But most important for the Parsippany, N.J.-based General Public Utilities (GPU) Corp., owner of the plant, TMI-1 may be back in the utility's rate-paying base within three weeks.
General Public Utilities' reputation was tarnished in 1979 by problems with its Three Mile Island nuclear facility.
Some 2,500 area residents are suing Three Mile Island's co-owner, General Public Utilities, and the designers and manufacturers of the plant, mostly for radiation-related effects ranging from cancer and leukemia to infant deaths, malformations and sterility.
Control room operators at Three Mile Island (Pa.) Unit 2 discarded the results of more than half the safety tests they conducted in the year before the reactor's 1979 accident, and in some instances falsified them, according to a report issued last week by the plant's owner, General Public Utilities Nuclear corp.
It wasa busy week of ups and downs for those engaged in the dabate over whether the Harrisburg, Pa.-based General Public Utilities (GPU) Nuclear Corp.
The chief doubts center on whether General Public Utilities Corp.
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