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In all cases, due to the typographic contrast achieved by changing the font or its weight, captions are clearly differentiated from the general text. Their composition size is equal to or greater than the general text, with a positive difference of up to 1.5 points in the case of La Vanguardia, a newspaper that also uses two sizes in the captions, the smallest for short captions and the largest for the long captions.
Even a general text such as Anthony Fletcher's Tudor Rebellions, written before Elton's book, notes the complex nature of the opposition to the English Reformation by the north's pious conservatives.
Each photo is accompanied by a descriptive caption that can stand alone from the general text allowing the book to be read in two ways: as a picture book and as a reference.
In Canada, however, there has been little available in the way of a general text on women's health.
History, security analysis and theory blends in a general text for any student of world politics and military history, particularly at the college level.
Despite its apparent brevity, this is not a book for people unfamiliar with the military history of the eighteenth century and the Napoleonic Wars who are looking for a general text. However, it is a necessary reminder that military history requires the study of more than campaigns and battles.
There is to be no legislation and no general text binding the member countries to do better in this field.
Instructors of college and university survey courses in Mexican American History could well use this book as a general text, although the book's breadth requires that such instructors supplement the book with more in-depth monographs on specific topics or eras.
The General Service List of English Words (GSL) contains 2,000 high-frequency words and covers 87% of a general text. It also provides information about the relative frequency of the meanings of each entry (Schmitt, 2000).
Such restraint may be appropriate for a general text, but this lack of emphasis does not serve the target audience well.
The book is a good general text for eating disorder management and would be most relevant to people who are interested in learning more about eating disorders or have just started working with eating disorder clients and would be a useful text for students.
``Your article appeared to be totally biased towards Waterloo Cup supporters both in the general text and the photographs.
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