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New Delhi: Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan warned against generating economic growth through additional debt.
to use the central bank's balance sheet to assist in generating economic growth.
As a region we must learn from the current programmes to ensure that we maximise the future opportunities for growth." The Economic Ambition Board was set up to lead on generating economic growth and jobs in North Wales.
The report, Tomorrow's Growth, expresses the need for a new approach to generating economic growth with a high-skill workforce centre stage.
But you won't get revenue until business picks up and you start generating economic growth.
Delaware and author of the economic impact report America's Beer Distributors: Fueling Jobs, Generating Economic Growth & Delivering Value to Local Communities.
The only way that peripheral European economies from Athens to Anglesey are going to recover is by generating economic growth.
He also stressed the importance to Wales of links with the rest of the UK as an aid to generating economic growth.
Denmark will also aspire towards the establishment of a more dynamic European Union through generating economic growth based on innovations, Janson has revealed.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Europe must abide by the newregulations it has agreed on to stabilise the euro and turn its attention to generating economic growth.
The recent recessionary period garnered new attention to the role of small businesses and entrepreneurs in generating economic growth. In fact, the great majority of all new jobs in any local economy are produced by small, local businesses already in the community.
He added: "As we face the continuing challenge of generating economic growth and jobs and achieving fiscal consolidation, North and South, we must work together energetically in whatever ways we can, for mutual benefit.