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GPGeneral Practitioner (family doctor)
GPGrand Prix
GPGeneral Physics Corporation
GPGeneral Practice
GPGames Played (hockey)
GPGeorgia-Pacific (forest products company)
GPGeneral Partner (IRB)
GPGreat Plains Dynamics (software; Microsoft)
GPGeneral Public
GPGenetic Programming
GPGreen Party (political party)
GPGold Plated (purity)
GPGuinea Pig
GPGrid Position
GPGames Played (basketball)
GPGrande Prairie (Alberta, Canada)
GPGood Point
GPGeneral Population (prisons)
GPGrand Prairie (Texas)
GPGrosse Pointe (Michigan)
GPGrants Pass (Oregon)
GPGame Plan
GPGlobal Partners
GPGlutathione Peroxidase (enzyme)
GPGross Profit
GPGamepark (videogame manufacturer)
GPGeneral Protection
GPGay Pride
GPGovernment Publications (New Zealand)
GPGeneral Partnership (company type)
GPGastroparesis (motility disorder)
GPGreat Performances (PBS show)
GPGame Point
GPGabinete da Presidência (Portugese: President's Office; Brazil)
GPGaussian Process (machine learning)
GPGeneral Pathology
GPGirl Power!
GPGirard Perregaux (watch manufacturer; Switzerland)
GPGamePro (magazine)
GPGram Positive
GPGreen Print
GPGas Permeable
GPGas Permeable (contact lenses)
GPGraduation Project (various locations)
GPGuilty Pleasure
GPGold Pieces (gaming)
GPGary Payton (basketball player)
GPGrand Puba
GPGeneral Principle
GPGraph Paper
GPGeometric Programming
GPG-Police (computer/video Game)
GPGold Piece (RPG Gaming)
GPGlobus Pallidus
GPGeneral Products
GPGet Pissed (drunk)
GPGold Piece
GPGiant Panda (Hip Hop group)
GPGram Panchayat
GPGreat Pyramid (Giza)
GPGuideposts (magazine)
GPGenç Parti (Young Party, Turkey)
GPGraph Partitioning
GPGeneral Procedure
GPGlide Path
GPGeographical Position
GPGauge Pressure
GPGoal Programming
GPGothenburg Post (newspaper; Sweden)
GPGregory-Portland (Corpus Christi, TX)
GPGeneral Planning
GPGroup Poop
GPGeneral Provision
GPGel Pen
GPGun Position
GPGas Plasma
GPGeneral Pediatrics
GPGeometric Progression
GPGold Points
GPGold Points (RPG gaming)
GPGalaxy Police (Tenchi Muyo! anime series)
GPGray Panthers
GPGun Permit
GPGross Product
GPGermicidal Protection (Ionic Breeze)
GPGundam Project
GPGuard Period
GPGhost Pirate (Monkey Island Series game)
GPGiant Print (Bible version)
GPGeneric Practice (Capability Maturity Model Integration)
GPGod's Property
GPGlobal Pollution
GPGeneral Purpose Bomb
GPGeriatric Psychiatrist
GPGusset Plates (steel trusses)
GPGun Pointer (US Navy)
GPGuided Projectile
GPGravel Pack (oil drilling)
GPGrand Prior (Award)
GPGeneral Patronage (older MPAA movie rating)
GPGuaranteed Premium (insurance)
GPPoorly Graded Gravels
GPGraphic Pack
GPGood Ping
GPGiant Pulse
GPGeorgetown Preparatory School
GPGeneral Audiences/Parental Guidance Suggested (former MPAA rating)
GPGating Pulse
GPGreen Pirate
GPGrand Puissance (pistol)
GPGalveston to Pilottown (routing designation; US Navy)
GPGuard Pole (survey)
GPGlycerate Phosphate
GPGeneralized Programming
GPGrande Pause (music)
GPAzimuthal Gap (largest distance between stations recording a quake; US Geological Survey)
GPGrid Pulse
GPGrease Police (website)
GPGala Publishing
GPGalvanic Primer
GPGeneral Purpose/Provisions
GPGridded Photograph
GPGraphite Panel
GPGaleries du Papier Peint
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Firms seeking to sell or merge into another firm should prepare a generic practice information sheet The sheet should cover strategic goals for the merger as well as information about the firm's fee volume, services, types of clients, billing rates, headcount, and profit margin, among other items.
Due to the further improvement of the process, it is necessary to implement a generic practice for quantitative process management (PA4.
The capacity level is measured through the judgment of generic practice adequacy, which has the following scale values: not adequate, partially adequate, largely adequate, and completely adequate.
Some of your geezer customers (in my age group) do remember, but we've been spoiled by the flood of cheap, generic practice ammo.
When applied to this process area, this generic practice ensures that you plan the approach you were taking to create the plan for the project.
A notable case is made for reading the Entretiens sur la pluralite des mondes as Fontenelle's modernization of his own generic practice of 'pastorale' and 'dialogues' through a new scientific and feminist content.
I want to argue then that an emphasis on language in literacy education is no longer sufficient, and that an emphasis on the idea of social generic practice may prove to be more useful to learners of literacy in the postmodern era.
In addition, the readily available 9mm Luger generic practice ammo sells at prices far below .
A LadySmith, a purse/holster, a mix of defensive and generic practice ammo, and perhaps a discount coupon for training or range time at a facility you're affiliated with would be the kind of package that triggers an impulse purchase for a loved one.
The author's research benefits from materials as diverse as notebooks, letters and prefaces to elucidate the theoretical discourse that explains the hybrid generic practices of Flaubert, Galdos and Joyce.
The Process Areas are divided into generic goals (GG) and specific goals (SG), which are specific for the Process Area in question and are, in turn, divided into specific practices and generic practices.
14) On another level, over the last fifteen years many Arab films began to emanate an increasingly self-reflexive attitude to their adoption of various stylistic and generic practices.
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