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"What's more, microbial phytase is banned because of the use of genetically modified microorganisms to produce it, even if the final products do not contain them any more.
Genetically modified microorganisms in biological control.
The fastest-growing Chinese biopharmaceutical manufacturers have concentrated on using genetically modified microorganisms to express proteins and very few are developing the capacity for large-scale mammalian cell-based manufacturing.
Biopesticides based on genetically modified microorganisms. These would kill insects and harmful microbes and have broad potential for all plantations.
The focus of the ANS Panels work in the coming years will be in the re-evaluation programme of food additives, particularly emulsifiers, stabilisers, gelling agents and sweeteners.One of the main tasks for our CEF experts will be the evaluation of food enzymes, including those from genetically modified microorganisms, with a view to establishing an EU-approved list.
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