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GMPGood Manufacturing Practice(s)
GMPGreater Manchester Police
GMPGNU Multiple Precision (arithmetic library)
GMPGuaranteed Maximum Price (building construction)
GMPGreen Mountain Power (Vermont)
GMPGuaranteed Minimum Pension
GMPGénie Mécanique et Productique (French)
GMPGroupe Moto Propulseur (French: Powertrain; automotive engineering)
GMPGeneral Management Planning (US NPS)
GMPGlobal Malaria Programme (World Health Organization)
GMPGroup Management Protocol
GMPGulf of Mexico Program
GMPGood Manufacturing Practice
GMPGlobal Mobile Professional
GMPGovernment Markets Platform
GMPGeomorph Tile Map
GMPGroup Membership Protocol
GMPGeometric Modeling and Processing
GMPGroup Multicast Protocol
GMPGnu Multi Precision
GMPGuanosine 5'-Monophosphate
GMPGeneral Machine Products (various locations)
GMPGrants Management Process (US HUD)
GMPGood Manufacturing Process
GMPGovernment of Madhya Pradesh (India)
GMPGross Metropolitan Product
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GMPGlobal Marshall Plan
GMPGrowth Management Plan
GMPGeneric Mapping Procedure
GMPGood Management Practice
GMPGlobal Monitoring Programme (Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants)
GMPGood Manufacturing Procedure
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GMPGeneral Medical Practitioner
GMPGross Metro Product
GMPGuardianship Monitoring Program (various locations)
GMPGrand Master Prestige (gaming)
GMPGeneral Minister and President
GMPGround Maintenance Program
GMPGuaranteed Minimum Price
GMPGarrison Military Police (UK)
GMPGuilford Medical Partners (Georgia)
GMPGenetically Modified Product
GMPGross Maximum Price
GMPGroundwater Monitoring Plan
GMPGranulocyte-Monocyte Progenitor
GMPGeneral Motors Powertrain
GMPGlass Molding Press
GMPGood Manufacturing Compliance (FDA regulation of medical devices)
GMPGimpo Domestic Airport (South Korea)
GMPGlass, Molder, Pottery Union
GMPGlobal Markov Property
GMPGans Multimedia Partnership
GMPGun Mount Processor (US Navy)
GMPGeneral Modus Ponens
GMPGay Men's Pride
GMPGeneral Mining Package
GMPGlobal Manufacturing Plan
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The EU and developing nations had argued that countries should be allowed to refuse imports of a genetically modified product if little was known about its environmental effect.
Speaking at a two-day workshop on the status of biosafety in Botswana, State Counsel at the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security Mr Thamsanqa Silitshena said failure for Botswana to have such a law meant that the country would not be able to control genetically modified products entering the country, especially from South Africa.
Bayer last week admitted that Monsanto, which it acquired for $63bn (PS49bn) last year, had gathered non-public information as part of the campaign, which French media said sought to influence the public debate on pesticides and genetically modified products.
Switzerland-based Syngenta did not admit fault in the proposed settlement and has stressed that the genetically modified products were approved by U.S.
IBM research chief Arvind Krishna said, "These [crypto-anchor] technologies pave the way for new solutions that tackle food safety, authenticity of manufactured components, genetically modified products, identification of counterfeit objects and provenance of luxury goods," ( Fortune reported.
These up-coming eliminated and simplified conditions focus on such areas as veterinary, animal feed, plant protection and quarantine, quality control and genetically modified products.
Russia has ecologically clean products with high quality as we don't grow genetically modified products. Russia will soon be a leading organic products producer," Tkachyov said.
Use of Genetically Modified products, such as GM animals, developed using rDNA method are found to be indispensable to accelerate medical research.
Meng Yu, (4) a Chinese scholar, proposed that, the issues involved in genetically modified food are issues concerning a scientific field more than legal issues, there is no unified recognition on genetically modified products currently and WTO has not given positive reply to the problem because the safety of genetically modified products has not been verified scientifically in the current stage, which makes different countries and regions adjust measures to local conditions in the supervision and control of genetically modified products.
Committee members also said that Ceta facilitates the introduction of genetically modified products into the European market.
Gholam-Reza Jalali, says it is genetically modified products.
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