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Kay Redfield Jamison, the author of this study, seems convinced that the high rate of mood disorders in writers, artists, and composers is often linked with manic-depression, a genetically transmitted disease passed on through families over hundreds of years.
In all there were presentations by five groups and the topic which they had selected included diagnosing diabetic retinopathy by trained and untrained General Practitioners, Genetically transmitted diseases and Visual impairment, Continues Professional Develop and its impact on retention of staff, primary eye care training to LHV and its impact on eye care, referrals etc.
The tests cover the major causes of cardiomyopathies, arrhythmia disorders and other genetically transmitted diseases that affect the heart and vasculature.
A member of the premarital counselling and screening team in Sharjah said the process focuses on medical history of family members to minimise the risk of genetically transmitted diseases.
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