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GMFGerman Marshall Fund
GMFGraphical Modeling Framework
GMFGroupes de Médecine de Famille (French; Quebec, Canada)
GMFGenetically Modified Food
GMFGreen Municipal Fund (Federation of Canadian Municipalities; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
GMFGarantie Mutuelle des Fonctionnaires (French)
GMFGovernment Master File (database)
GMFGeneral Mail Facility
GMFGeomagnetic Field
GMFGulf of Mexico Foundation
GMFGive Me Football (website)
GMFGranular Media Filtration
GMFGrand Mother's Funck (Swiss band)
GMFGesamtverband Moderne Fremdsprachen (German: General Association of Modern Languages)
GMFGeorge MacDonald Fraser (British writer)
GMFGlobal Missions Fellowship
GMFGround Mobile Force
GMFGaruda Maintenance Facility (Indonesia)
GMFGroup of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities
GMFGeneralized Mainline Framework
GMFGeneralized Matched Filter
GMFGeneral Medical Floor
GMFGeneralized Monitoring Facility
GMFGreatly Modulated Frequency
GMFGovernment Materials Furnished
GMFGroup-Matched Filter
GMFGeneral Message File
GMFGeometric Mean Frequency (audiology)
GMFGuided Missile Facility
GMFGorilla Mask Forums (online forum)
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'After 10 years of laboratory work and on-field trials, Nigerian scientists have developed its first genetically modified food crop, the PBR Cowpea, we are proud to be associated with this noble development,' Akpa said.
Likewise, production of genetically modified foods is cost efficient, which translates into cheaper crops and products.
A number of researchers have explored consumers' attitudes toward genetically modified food. Bredahl (2001) conducted a study in the United Kingdom and concluded that consumers' perceived risks and benefits associated with genetically modified food were strongly embedded in their attitudes.
1.2 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Food
Battle brewing over labeling of genetically modified food. The New York Times.
"Genetically modified food ingredients are not only safe for people and our planet, but they have a number of important benefits," says Pamela G.
She said the science hasn't answered to her satisfaction what are the long-term health effects of eating genetically modified food on our brains and nervous system.
Genetically modified food sources; safety assessment and control.
Northwestern's Zoloth adds that she sees no contradiction between genetically modified food and Judaism.
"Introducing genetically modified food into our food sector is a cul de sac for the Irish people and seriously damaging to our reputation as a green, clean island.
Bayer is also targeting potential buys in agrobusiness and genetically modified food technology, Dekkers said in an interview for the magazine on Monday, adding his company was rather interested in smaller purchases.
FOOD FRAY: INSIDE THE CONTROVERSY OVER GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD offers insights across the board, from researchers to activists, farmers and consumers, on genetically modified food, and is a pick for both general-interest and college-level libraries strong in health and food issues.
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